Singer Rory Feek Feels "100% Married" Even 4 Years After Wife Joey's Death Due to Cancer | "I Can't Imagine Dating"

Singer Rory Feek Feels "100% Married" Even 4 Years After Wife Joey's Death Due to Cancer | "I Can't Imagine Dating"

Rory Feek lost his wife and music partner, Joey, in 2016 to cervical cancer. They were married for 14 years.

Some loves last forever because the people who love us keep us in their hearts even after we are gone. The love is so deep that even after our death, they keep on honoring us every single day.

Country singer Rory Feek of the duo Joey + Rory still misses his wife, Joey, who died in 2016. Joey fought cervical cancer bravely before dying at the age of 40. Rory, who is part of the Grammy-winning duo, revealed that he still feels her presence "everywhere" in their Columbia, Tennessee home, as per People. Rory, who is a single father raising 6-year-old Indy, is also a dad to two adult daughters, who pitch in to raise their sister when they can. Indy or Indiana has Down's Syndrome, and he built a school for her on his farm because homeschooling her was important to Joey.

This is only one of the ways in which he honors his late wife. "I still feel like I’m 100 percent married and in a full, regular marriage," Rory, 54, said a day before the four-year anniversary of Joey’s death, which was on March 4, 2016. "The only difference is that she’s just not around, but it’s a funny thing to feel so complete and not have her here. She was such an amazing gift and filled my life so much that she continues to fill it," he added.


The couple got married in June 2002 and they had 14 years together before having to part. He loved her so deeply that he continues to wear his wedding ring. "There are people that would say, ‘It would’ve been your 18th wedding anniversary.' And, it is. She’s still wearing my ring. So am I,” he told Today.

Rory feels that Joey, who is buried on the farm, is part of his routine. "Part of it is is that where life hasn’t changed much. We’re still on the same farm," he said. Joey is also an integral part of his young daughter's life. "Indy’s growing up and running around the same house and her mom’s pictures are everywhere and she was such a strong presence, but even more than that, somehow I stumbled on this old farmhouse 20 years ago that had an abandoned cemetery in the back field and not realizing that one day my wife would be buried there. I mean, it’s just terrible and amazingly beautiful at the same time," he added.


Having her close to home makes it easier for him to find comfort in her thoughts. "It’s easier for me. She wanted us to come back here and to continue on," he said. "I wanted to do the same thing and I can’t imagine, we put down roots and those roots can’t change just because life has turned some corners. I want to be here as long as God has it in store for us to be here," he added.

The country singer told People that he "can’t really even imagine" dating again, but he is open to "anything God wants to have happen. Absolutely." "Do I see it on the horizon? No, but I want what He wants," he added.


Apart from his daughter, he stays occupied by his faith, his work on the farm, his music, his vlog and blog, and a new docuseries inspired by the blog. The school he built on the farm was another project that he successfully completed. On his mornings, he walks his daughter to the one-room Hardison Mill Schoolhouse, which the community built. "We needed to come up with another plan since Joey wasn’t going to be able to homeschool Indy," he said. The school has worked for Indy's betterment, he believes.


He also owns a restaurant, Marcy Jo’s Muletown, that doubles up as a musical venue, in downtown Columbia, Tennessee, where he spends most of his days. As a single dad, there were many challenges that he faced but he believes he's getting better at handling them. "Joey was a lot better at being present than I am but I’m getting better at it," he added.




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