These Rare Rose Succulents Are Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen!

These Rare Rose Succulents Are Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen!

These pretty-looking rose succulents don't look real, but they are, and are perfect to make your space a green paradise.

Adding a little dab of green to our otherwise grey and boring residence or workspace is always a good idea. However, with our hectic and fast lifestyle, getting a low maintenance plant becomes one of the top priorities. Succulents are an amazing choice for anyone looking to redecorate their spaces with some greens. These popular water-storing house plants that are shaped like dolphins to bunnies are not only aesthetically appealing but also require less care. A new variety that resembles a blooming rose called Mountain Rose succulent is grabbing the attention of people.


The rose succulent that is botanically called Aeonium dodrantale or Greenovia dodrantalis are densely packed leaves that look like petals of blooming roses in layers. These plants that look like a dream are typically found in the Canary Islands in Spain. Added to its good looks, the Mountain Rose has a longer life span and does not require much water. These succulents that usually grow in clusters are the perfect indoor plant as it only reaches a maximum height of six inches. Therefore, these are even better than real roses which need more care and wither in a matter of days.


These plants have the ability to survive dry weather in their dormant state. However, extreme heat can lead to the curling of their leaves. To ensure unhindered blooming of the plant, they should be kept in moist shade. During their true growing season that is from winter to spring, these plants can grow up to 2.4 inches in diameter with yellow flowers in spring. These rose succulents that are usually blue-green color are already a personal favorite to many. However, something even more beautiful and mindblowing was discovered recently. A rare pink version of the rose succulents that looks completely unreal is blowing the minds of many.


These pretty looking rose like plants are not very often seen in shops and can be brought in the form of seeds. However, it almost takes two years for the plant to develop a rose-like appearance. Some of these nature's wonders can be found on Etsy and are in huge demand.

Those who are not lucky enough to get their hands on the real plants can appreciate the beauty of these succulents through the pictures that are flooding the internet. The breathtaking pictures of these heavenly looking plants are available on Instagram.  Here are a few images that will make you want to have one of these rare beauties:










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