"Safety" Content Creator Shares Expert Tips on When It's Best for Women to Lie to Protect Themselves

"Safety" Content Creator Shares Expert Tips on When It's Best for Women to Lie to Protect Themselves

Cathy Pedrayes shares important insight on how answering seemingly normal questions can put us at risk.

It's tragic that even today women have to come up with lies to protect themselves from possibly risky situations.  In an ideal world, women should be free to live without fear. Until then, there are measures that women can adopt to feel safer. Content creator Cathy Pedrayes' videos are a good source of self-protection tips.




Known as as "TikTok's Mom Friend," Pedrayes is sharing useful tips for situations where it's completely okay for women to lie and, in fact, can help keep them safe from potentially dangerous situations. With over 1.7M followers on the popular social media platform and 111k followers on Instagram, Cathy Pedrayes' videos on digital personal safety are relatable to so many people around the world.

These "small lies can actually help keep them safe when dealing with strangers." Her "Situations When It's Best To Lie" series touches upon instances where you have to deal with strangers' small talk that may seem harmless at the surface. Not everyone out there is bad, but it's best to be vigilant and handle conversations wisely. Pedrayes's tips also come in handy if you want to skip uncomfortable conversations with a stranger. 

Check out the 10 videos from "Situations When It's Best To Lie" series below:

1. The College Edition




2. The Travel Edition



3.  When Strangers Get Too Chatty



4. The Introvert Edition



5.  Another Edition Involving Travel



6. When People Want To Know If You're Alone



7. When A Cab Drivers Asks Too Many Questions



8.  When People Catch You Off-Guard



9. When People Ask For Your Name



10. When People Come In Too Close For Comfort


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