15 Quotes by Sandra Bullock That Prove Why She's the Perfect Role Model for Strong Women of All Ages

15 Quotes by Sandra Bullock That Prove Why She's the Perfect Role Model for Strong Women of All Ages

Once in many years arrives a woman who has in her the caliber to inspire generation after generations. Sandra Bullock definitely deserves a top rank in this list.

Every now and then we get inspired by something someone has said, but not every day we come across people who inspire generations with their way of life. Sandra Bullock is not only one of the most acclaimed and sought-after actresses in Hollywood, but she also is a champion of her own life. The 55-year-old actress has set an unmatchable benchmark with her confidence, candidness, talent, and humility.

Here are 15 quotes by the Bird Box actress that shows why she is unputdownable and a powerhouse of positive energy.

1. "Everything works out the way the universe wants it to work out."


2. "Nobody can make me cry in public. I'll punch them first before they make my mascara smear."


3. "I've made peace with the fact that the things that I thought were weaknesses or flaws were just me. I like them."


4. "I've been on the floor and I've been heartbroken. I didn't know how I was going to stand up. But I just gave it time."


5. "I'm a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it's bad or good."


6. "I've made mistakes, and I know why I made them, but I made that choice. Nobody's ever made a choice for me."


7. "I just want people to admit that there's no one way to live your life."


8. "I was always incredibly driven and found it impossible to relax. I felt that if I slacked off for a minute to enjoy myself, then so many things would be missed."


9. "The only man who has stolen my heart is my son."


10. β€œI think most of us are raised with preconceived notions of the choices we’re supposed to make. We waste so much time making decisions based on someone else’s idea of our happiness – what will make you a good citizen or a good wife or daughter or actress. Nobody says, β€˜Just be happy – to be a cobbler or go live with goats.”


11. "Stop being scared of the unknown, because anything I worried about didn't happen. Other stuff happened. The unknown, we can't do anything about."


12. "Falling in love-you should go with it, regardless of whether or not your heart gets smashed. You'll be a better person."


13. "The rule is you have to dance a little bit in the morning before you leave the house because it changes the way you walk out in the world."


14. "My goal now is to remember every place I've been, only do things I love, and not say yes when I don't mean it."


15. "I grew up in a way where I didn't realize there were limitations. I always thought I could speak my mind."





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