Selfless Dad of Three Who “Slipped and Fell off the Bridge” While Helping Stranded Driver, Dies

Selfless Dad of Three Who “Slipped and Fell off the Bridge” While Helping Stranded Driver, Dies

“He helps anyone. He’s the most honest person you’ll ever meet,” said the late man's girlfriend, Vicky Hunter.

Timothy Baclit, out of the kindness in his heart, had stopped during the wee hours of December 5, 2021 to help a young motorist who had hit a guardrail while on the I-376 in Hopewell, Pennsylvania. But, in a very unfortunate and heartbreaking incident, Baclit fell to his death from the freeway, according to PEOPLE

Though it is unclear as to what caused the accident, the man fell down about 27 feet, from the freeway's overpass and died from his injuries at the scene, according to The Beaver County Times.

"All we do know is there was an accident," Scott Baclit, Baclit's father, told WPXI of the accident, which occurred just after 1 am. "Tim and another witness stopped to assist the guy," Scott continued to the outlet. "Tim went around the [backside] of the vehicle to help extract the individual, from what we understand. Stood up on the concrete wall and slipped and fell off the bridge."



"If somebody didn't know Tim, and they met him on the street, they would probably hesitate about talking to the guy. He had the brawn of a grizzly bear, but he had the heart of a lion," Scott said of his kindhearted son. “I don’t think anyone was surprised what he was doing when it happened, that’s Tim,” added Scott.

Baclit leaves behind three children who are 19, 17, and 14-years-old. "The thing that is bringing most comfort to his children is that he died a hero," Timothy's stepmother, Mary Ellen Baclit said. “He loved his children. He has three children. Very good father,” said Lorri Hagwood, Timothy’s mother.

His family had only good things to say about him, adding that this is how they will always remember him. “He was very loyal, very honorable,” said his sister, Kristi Main. “He helps anyone. He’s the most honest person you’ll ever meet,” said his girlfriend, Vicky Hunter. “He has a sister with a severe disability that he gave his heart to almost daily, and he took care of her,” said Hagwood, before adding, “He was definitely loved by many. We are going to miss him.” 



A GoFundMe has been set up on behalf of Baclit to pay for his funeral expenses and for his children's education. On the fundraising page, the late father was remembered as a "hero" who often performed "selfless acts of kindness."

"Tim's Life was taken by an unexpected tragedy through his selfless acts of kindness," the page reads. "Tim's honorable duties will be remembered as a veteran, a father, a son, a brother, but mostly he will be remembered forever, by everyone as a Hero!"






Cover Image Source: GoFundMe | Tim Baclit Memorial

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