The September 2020 New Moon Will Affect These 3 Zodiac Signs | Big Change Might Be on Its Way

The September 2020 New Moon Will Affect These 3 Zodiac Signs | Big Change Might Be on Its Way

Not many people take astrology seriously but it can offer us insights into ourselves and our environment more than we realize.

The new moon on September 17, 2020, will bring in some new changes in our lives. However, three zodiac signs will be affected in particular. We're in the middle of Virgo season and the effects of it must have been felt already. Not only is it the ushering of the autumn season and exit of summer, but it is also a time to bring our plans into action. This phase will give us time to look at our lives carefully and work on the details.

Here are all the zodiac signs that will be deeply affected by it:

1. Gemini 

Source: Illustrations/ Shamik Das

Those born between May 21 and June 20 are going to feel the energy of the new moon intensely. It is time to look inward, dear Gemini, as the focus is on the private space. Your home and family are very important to you right now. You may have been feeling rootless for some time and this is the perfect time to start new things and lay down foundations. It's also a great time to weed out all that doesn't serve you anymore.

You could look at coping mechanisms and patterns which you had developed previously and don't work anymore. While it's hard to let go of old habits, you will feel revitalized by new energy. You will find the drive and focus needed to remake yourself in your vision. It's also a great time to redo your home and physically throw out all that doesn't help you grow. You might find things internally and externally that are crucial to welcoming change in the future.

2. Libra

Source: Illustrations/ Shamik Das

If you were born between September 23 and October 22, you are a Libra sign. Just like Gemini and Aquarius, you are an air sign. Librans are considered to be quite social and they pride themselves in the networks they create. However, you might find yourself spending more time alone and at home. This is a good time to recuperate and heal your old wounds. You might want to make new plans but think carefully, if you really need to do things and meet people to feel happy and fulfilled. There is a lot that you can do by yourself which is equally enriching.

You might be busy on the home front but don't forget to take out time to connect with yourself. You might feel inclined to ignore your needs in favor of balance and harmony, but there are times when upsetting others might be necessary. If taking time out to heal yourself upsets someone else, then don't worry about doing it. Prioritize your wellbeing first and only then look at what others need of you. After all, even in airplanes, we are told to wear the oxygen mask ourselves first before helping anyone else.

3. Aquarius

Source: Illustrations/ Shamik Das

Born between January 20 and February 18? Then you are the air sign Aquarius, who is known as the water bearer. People born under this sun sign might find it hard to open up to others but the new moon will be asking that of you. You are getting a new opportunity to start anew in your relationships, close and distant. So, don't ignore this chance and grab it instead. You may have a lot of bottled feelings and might want to release them.

Have an honest conversation with people you love to let them know what's going on with you. It is likely that all they seek is you to be authentic to yourself instead of hiding behind veneers. They are likely going to be supportive of you even if you tell them about your boundaries. The last couple of months may have been lonely but it is time to re-organize your life and sift out those who didn't bother staying in touch. One part of being authentic is also in acknowledging those who truly stand by you.

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