Fun Test: Choose Your Thumb Shape And We’ll Guess Your Personality Traits

Fun Test: Choose Your Thumb Shape And We’ll Guess Your Personality Traits

Are you keen on finding out a little more about yourself? Start paying attention to your physical traits, like the shape of your finger for starters.

Have you ever paid close attention to the shape of your thumb before? Maybe it’s time to take a good look at your thumb now because it is these little things about your physical traits that show you so much about your personality. Knowing more about yourself really helps you connect better with your needs as well as the people around you.

Here’s what the shape of your thumb reveals about your personality:

1. You have a bigger lower half

A thumb that has a bigger lower half and a smaller upper half shows that you are a trustworthy person. You are rarely hazed by the troubles that life throws at you, and this keeps you calm and collected. With a carefree personality, you are able to face life with great determination and a positive state of mind. You always take time out to make way for the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

Another thing that’s extremely important to you is your roots. You never forget where you came from and that gives you a strong sense of direction about where you are going as well. Home, friends, and family are your top priority. You are often the glue that holds everyone together. You are always someone they trust during sunshine and rain.

When you give someone your word, you never turn back on it. You value your promises and never fail to deliver when someone is in need. Being able to count on you is what makes you extra special and loved.

2. Your thumb is flexible

Having a flexible thumb shows that you have a very warm and welcoming personality. You’re always open to hearing the thoughts and opinions that other people have. Your no-judgment attitude makes people extremely comfortable around you. They don’t have to think twice before they share their feelings with you. People love how you can be sensitive and empathetic about the things that they are going through, and how you motivate them to move forward.

One of the most important factors that let you handle life so easily is your ability to adapt to any kind of situation. You are able to adapt to new situations easily and you can change according to the needs of the time.

Not only do you survive major changes that take place in your life, but you are also able to thrive with the change. But what’s more is that not only do you sail smoothly in the faces of change, but you also try to push others along the way too. You don’t like seeing others fall behind so you try to move forward together.

3. You have a bigger upper half  

A thumb with a bigger upper half and a smaller lower half shows that you are a high achiever who is driven by ambitions. You don’t settle for second best, and even when you have to it always inspires you to put in your best effort when the next time comes around. People are always motivated by seeing how you work hard for the things you care about.


Whether it is your relationships, or a new hobby or a new life goal, you always put your best foot forward. But even though you always strive to be your most efficient self, you remain quite unassuming about it. Even with success all around you, you stay humble with your feet on the ground.

Your achievements only push you to work harder because you know your capabilities can help you reach for the stars. This wonderful mindset of yours is what helps you grow and learn at every step of the way. So keep doing your thing and inspire others along the way.

5. Your upper half and lower half are equal

If your thumb has equal upper and lower halves, it shows that you live your life in perfect balance. Your personality has equal measures of peace as well as energy, stillness as well as spontaneity; you are able to find harmony when there’s good and resistance when there’s bad. When you sail through rough waters, your ability to stay in the middle ground helps you see the problem from different perspectives.


You always find yourself as the mediator between people, because you never take sides unnecessarily and you see both sides of the coin in an argument. You don’t just maintain balance in your relationships and your actions. You also dedicate time towards synching your mind, body, and soul to attain the perfect harmony.

The greatest principle you have carried with you is that when one door closes, another door opens. This motto has been with you as you faced several battles in life. This has helped you remain level-headed and you would typically find solutions in life faster than others would normally do.

5. Your thumb is curved inward and inflexible

This kind of thumb reveals that you are the kind of person with an iron-willed personality. You have strong ideologies and principles that you live by. Nothing other people say or do can break your confidence. If you have your heart and mind set on something, you will never back down until you achieve it. You believe that success doesn’t come to those who wait so you take matters into your own hands.

When it comes to relationships, you keep things straightforward and don’t wait around for things to happen. You take charge of things and are capable of making the first move without holding back. You shine in positions of leadership as you’re always able to unite people under one belief.

People find it easy to trust you because you have proven your loyalty to them when it really mattered. You have shown your family and friends that you will come through with your support and solution when they need you. People are convinced that you are reliable because you always bring well thought out plans to the table.

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