85YO Shirley Maclaine Shows How Age Can't Stop Her From Living Her Best Life | "I Eat What I Want, I Sleep When I Want"

85YO Shirley Maclaine Shows How Age Can't Stop Her From Living Her Best Life | "I Eat What I Want, I Sleep When I Want"

The Oscar-winning actress never wants to retire from acting and wants to be a spokesperson for older women.

The Trouble with Harry actress, who is also the sister of legendary actor Warren Beatty, has a never-say-die attitude even at the age of 85. The controversial actress, who always had a penchant to enjoy life in style, declares that she will never retire.

Shirley MacLaine has always lived life on her own terms. Speaking of her marriage, the actress shocked many when she admitted to having an open marriage with husband, businessman Steve Parker. They were married from 1954 until their divorce in 1982. "No one understood it, we did. He lived in Japan basically, I lived in America working, and this and that," she told PEOPLE. "We'd meet up, always great friends, traveled sometimes together...I think that's the basis for a long-lasting marriage, if you really want to do such a thing. I would say better to stay friends."


She has always been an easy-going person, although she is better known for playing the short-tempered Ouiser Boudreaux in Steel Magnolias. “Not that much bothers me,” said the Oscar winner. “I think attitudes are a choice. Anger is a choice, peace is a choice, sarcasm — which is what I’m good at — is a choice.” She hints that her relaxed attitude is the secret to a long and healthy life. Shirley revealed to PEOPLE, "I have what I consider just a perfect life… I eat what I want, I sleep when I want."

She doesn't let age stop her from doing what she loves. “I don’t want to quit acting — I really don’t,” she told PEOPLE. “Even at my age, I have four pictures to do next year. I think [some] costars are surprised I’m still walking upright.”


She said that working keeps her “bright.” “I learn so much about what I don’t really know every time I’m on a movie. I look back at the wonderful parts I’ve had the honor to play, and I’m thinking about the future, and I want to be a spokesperson for older-women — probably because I’m one," said the Postcards From the Edge star.


However, she does enjoy spending some quiet time alone and relaxing at her ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. “I have someone who comes in a couple of times a week, but otherwise I’m totally alone,” she said. “I sometimes go to Santa Fe, which is one of the artistic and restaurant and new age capitals in the country.”

“I have all the animals around me. It’s everything I need to be happy,” MacLaine added. 


The actress, who has acted in more than 50 movies, has a different take on balancing work and life as a mother. "I saw my mother suppress her own creativity. I wasn't going to let that happen to me. First of all, children pick up on that and they feel guilty about ... having been responsible for your not realizing your creativity, so that was not going to happen," MacLaine said, according to ABC.


The artist, who has had an eventful past, told the Guardian in an interview, "I think I'm quite conventional. I'm a peaceful person once work ethic is established. If people are around me and whatever I'm doing is efficient, then I'm extremely peaceful. When someone doesn't care about their job or it's all screwed up - no, I am not peaceful, because I'm addicted to making people better than they think they are."






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