7 Signs the Body Gives When Attracted to Someone

7 Signs the Body Gives When Attracted to Someone

Most of the time, we allow our minds to rule over our body... but what if your body knows more than your mind? Sometimes, when you are attracted to someone, that's what happens.

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Do you know that feeling of something "not being right"? Well, that is your body's way of warning you about what's to come. And it's an evolutionary process where we rely on the environment to "speak" to us. And it doesn't just apply to life-or-death situations.

"Do I like him?" "Do I not?" "Is it just a crush?" "Infatuation?" "Something more real?" "Is he the one?" The questions are endless when it comes to understanding a new romantic interest. The confusion is all too real but there's a way to clear it up. And it comes from your body. Those butterflies in your stomach and the pumping heart when you see the person you like can tell you how interested you are in them. Here are some signs from your body to watch out for when you are confused about your new romantic interest.


1. You enjoy the way they smell

We wear a civilized coat over the true primal beings we are. Just like animals, we release pheromones that attract potential partners to us. Something that is essential when mating. It is those pheromones that we are drawn to. So when you're with them and attracted to them, you're more likely to find their scent pleasing. It's why you've probably heard of or seen women wearing their men's clothes... because it smells like the person they like.

2. You feel safe and warm when they're around


Whenever your crush is around, you feel this strange but welcoming good feeling that makes you want to share things with them. You feel comfortable being with them and that's what makes you feel safe - like nothing can hurt you when they're there.

3. When they feel pain, you feel it too

It's strange that every time they feel hurt or pain, you can somehow feel it too. It's like there's a direct connection from you to them. But this is actually a good sign. Being empathetic is a marker of liking someone. When you like them, you cannot bear to see them in pain. It's also why you try to be there for them because you just want them to be okay.


4. You feel happy and healthy when you're with them

In a world where stress can eat you up, if your love interest manages to make you feel happy and less apprehensive, then it's a sign that a romance can blossom. His ability to make the sadness melt away is because you are willing to take in the positive vibes he's giving you. It's why you probably want to call them when you're upset because you know that they have a way to make you feel better. And it's not just when you're upset. If your partner wants to make sure you're healthy, it's a sign of true care.

5. You like cuddling with them

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Everyone enjoys a little cuddle when they're with people they genuinely like and love. Being physically intimate is one of the signs of good compatibility. So if both you and your partner enjoy a little snuggle and cuddle, then you're definitely attracted to them.

6. You miss them when they're away

If you find yourself thinking about them when your partner is away and that things are just not right without him, then it's a definite sign of your attraction to them. It's your body reacting to their absence and this could mean that they could be the right choice. 


7. You have a strong sexual pull towards them

Sexual attraction is one of the most important factors in figuring out if you like someone. When both of you feel the sparks flying, it is a great way to really connect with each other. A healthy sexual pull may even help the relationship last longer.

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If you feel any of these signs and even know that the other person feels that way, you might just be on the right track for a great relationship.

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