5 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Mature

5 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Mature

A responsible and reliable man is an emotionally mature one, who knows that he has flaws and admits them too.

No two partners in a relationship would be at the same level of understanding and emotional maturity. However, as long as you understand and accept each other, you can be in a good place. Sometimes, people are lucky to be with partners who are emotionally mature. It is one of the key elements of a good relationship. It will see you past any difficult phase, no matter the challenge. 

When you're with someone who is an emotional grown-up, you will probably have fewer conflicts since your partner would try to see your point of view as well. When a partner is accepting of you as you are, they will invariably understand where you are coming from when you raise an issue. Even if they weren't so when you met, people change and grow.

If you don't know how to tell if your partner is emotionally mature, these signs could help: 

1. He admits when he's wrong

Arguments are common in any relationship, but it matters why you are arguing. If you're trying to find the solution to the problem, assigning blame wouldn't help. If he understands that and engages in arguments with the aim of solving the problem, he would also be able to recognize when he's wrong. If he not only realizes he's wrong from time to time but also admits it, just like you do, instead of saying things just to prove his point, you could be with a mature person. 

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2. He pauses before expressing his anger

We are all flawed people and make mistakes sometimes. But, how he reacts to the mistakes you make or others make tells a lot about him. If he only knows how to yell, be passive-aggressive, or give the silent treatment, you could be with an immature person. An emotionally mature person would take a step back to think about the problem before responding instead of giving a knee-jerk reaction. They would have considered both sides of the coin before telling you where you went wrong. 

3. He is dependable, especially in maintaining the household

Despite being adults, some people need to be reminded repeatedly that they have responsibilities around the house as well. Sometimes, reminding that person to pick up after themselves also seems like a chore for the other partner, which is seen as nagging by the one being told to clean up. Asking a partner to keep their home clean, and cook is a reasonable request and one responsibility that shouldn't fall on the woman alone. If your partner knows that and is always on top of his homely chores before he's told, he is a considerate and mature partner. 

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4. He understands that the relationship doesn't revolve around him

He is not the kind of person who expects you to dance to his tunes. He doesn't engage you in all his activities and emotions. While you are partners who support each other, he gives you space to be your own person. He understands that your relationship is not meant to cater to his mental, emotional, and physical needs. He gives you as much attention as he expects from you. He knows how to share the emotional spotlight and doesn't make you feel guilty for not being able to be there sometimes. He takes your needs as seriously as his.

5. He knows how to ask for what he wants 

When someone is not emotionally closed off, they will know how to express themselves to their partner. If you're with a person, who tells you honestly about what he wants instead of leaving you guessing, you're with someone emotionally evolved. They know how to express their feelings; they don't bottle it up or create a wall between you whenever a challenge comes up. His life is an open book just as his emotions are. 

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Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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