6 Signs That He Doesn’t Just Love You, but Also Respects You as an Individual

6 Signs That He Doesn’t Just Love You, but Also Respects You as an Individual

You have fun and love each other truly, but the best thing about your relationship is how respectful he is with you.

Women have great intuition and emotional intelligence which makes it clear fairly early whether a man loves you or not. However, for a longterm relationship love alone can't sustain it. There are other factors that make it clear if the relationship will last. Only love with no trust, loyalty, or respect towards you is an empty relationship. It is like building the frame for a ship and not completing it on the inside. A complete relationship requires a lot more than professing love to your partner.

When a man loves and respects you, he would value you not just as a woman but as a complete person. He wouldn't see you as his wife or girlfriend only, he would see you as his equal and a life partner.

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When he respects you, this is what he will do it to show you: 

1. He doesn't second-guess you 

He trusts your decisions and doesn't try to doubt it. He understands that you are just as aware of the world and are an adult who can make their own decisions. He won't try to change your mind about anything and realizes that whatever you choose to do will be the best for you.

2. He doesn't micromanage your life

As your partner, he doesn't tell you what to do. He doesn't tell you how to live your life and prefers not to interfere with how you live your life. Whether it's about taxes or getting work done on time, he doesn't believe in nagging or reminding you about responsibilities. While he's not taking a second lead position in your life, he doesn't believe in steering your life for you.

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3. He fights for you

He trusts you completely and will support you no matter what. He takes a stand for you and stands by you. If there are other people criticizing you, then he will fight for you with them. He may not want to even hear the other side of the story because of his blind trust in you.

4. He encourages you to take risks

He wants you to grow as a person and helps you feel confident enough to take risks. He knows that you are the best bet to make and values your dreams. Even when you want to shy away from taking major life-changing decisions, he is the rock standing behind you. With a partner that has so much belief in you, don't falter and just surge ahead.

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5. He does not avoid conflicts

He doesn't mince words when he doesn't agree with you because he knows you can listen to the truth. He knows you can handle the conflicts and disagreements. He knows that you are a strong and mature woman and he doesn't need to shield you from the truth. Being honest with you is the only way forward. He understands and follows that policy. Trying to hide things from you will only lead to mistrust later leading to more conflicts. 

6. He asks for your opinion - and values it

He values what you think and trusts your choices. He wants your input for all parts of his life. Whether it's about work or other life decisions, he includes you in everything. You know about what his colleagues did at work, and he wants your opinion on how to handle it. Your intuition about people is almost always correct and he comes to you for advice. This faith he has in your thinking process works well for your relationship since both of you work as a team in the relationship.

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