5 Signs That Someone in Our Life Is a Guardian Angel Who Is Looking Out for Us | They Only Want the Best for Us

5 Signs That Someone in Our Life Is a Guardian Angel Who Is Looking Out for Us | They Only Want the Best for Us

Even the ordinary people around us, who have our best in their hearts, can be our guardian angel whether they know it or not.

There are all kinds of people around us: good, bad, and those in between. Some people make us feel amazing and some make us feel like the smallest person in the room. Who we pick to keep in our life is important for our physical and mental well-being. Among those people would be the rare few who act as our guardian angels. They want our best and think about our happiness before theirs. If you have someone like that in your life, keep them close to you as they are precious. They will stand by you in your hardest moments even when others claiming to be your wellwishers have long left.

1. They have a way of making you feel better

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Good people can be small mercies in our life when the world outside seems to be churning in chaos. Just being able to spend time with that person, no matter their age, race, or gender, probably lifts you up. They have the sweetest words for you and could be your friend, grandchild, child, spouse, or anyone close to you. We don't usually see the people in our lives as angels but if there is someone who can make you feel good about yourself every single time, then they were meant to be there in your life. They were meant to be a light in the darkness. Their positive energy just encompasses you in the hardest times when you worry about how to go on.

2. They don't want to change you 

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Most people in our lives want us to change in some way or the other. They always wish that we bend a little more to accommodate them but if there are people in your life who want you just the way you are, then they are likely to be your guardian angel. They have no wish to mould you to their liking and instead help you reach a higher goal in your life. They are not selfish in their love and lavish you with kind and encouraging words, most likely. They try to help you harness your inner power to take control of your life so you can shape your self and your future on your own.

3. They value your happiness like their own

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Everyone tells us that they ask us to do things or give us some unsolicited advice since they want our happiness. However, that is not true for everyone. Some folks are just misguided and delusional about their intentions. Then there are those who truly want your happiness and don't impose their opinions on you. They let you be, giving you space to explore your own likes and dislikes. They allow you to discover your own true self and might nudge you in the right direction from time to time. They are a guiding force and perhaps mentors but never enforce their own will on you.

4. They are supportive and not judgemental

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There are many people who provide indiscriminate criticism for everything that you do instead of being constructive or supportive. They are likely to be very judgemental and even jealous of your happiness and victories. In the garb of feedback, they provide harsh commentaries that are only meant to hurt. However, when you find the person who is your guardian angel, you will see what true support looks like. Perhaps, you already have someone like that in your life. They might be your confidante and secret keeper. They may be the person who would take your secret to the grave because that is how much they love you. They don't want you to feel humiliated or embarrassed in front of them ever. They are open and safe for you.

5. They have built a strong bond with you

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During our lifetime, many people will come and go. Some just pass us by and others stay for the long haul, through thick and thin. They work hard on building ties with us and understanding us. They make efforts to lay the foundation of a deep relationship that could even last a lifetime. Sometimes, they could also be people you have only met and you already feel a bond with them. There is something between you that resonates with you and without even trying, you feel an echo of your own thoughts in them.

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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