7 Signs You've Found a Soulmate in Your Partner

7 Signs You've Found a Soulmate in Your Partner

When you realize all you need is them when you feel low, you know they are 'the one' for you.

Most of us love to believe in the idea of 'star-crossed' love and 'matches made in heaven'. Reality is, it's us who have the power to make or break a relationship. It's us who decide who should stay in our lives and who should just pass us by. 

In many ways, finding our 'soulmate' really is on us. But having said that, when we find the right partner, we are bound to feel that it's fate, that it's meant to be. While it's a wonderful feeling to have, there are certain very obvious (and practical) things partners land up doing when they are the right match.

If you find yourself wondering if a person is your soulmate, here are certain signs you can look for:

1. They can read your mind

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If your partner understands you in a way no one else does, even when you are brooding, you know they're 'the one'. Not everything can be expressed in words and should not be. If they can sense your vibe and soothe you, then your search for soulmate has ended!

2. They bring out the best in you

Your ideal mate is not just your biggest admirer but also a guide who can help you see the untapped potential within you. They will challenge you to be a better person and support you when you hit a bump. They not only open your eyes to new possibilities but could also help you achieve them, thus, accelerating your personal growth and development process.

3. They plan their future with you

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This is one of the most crucial elements to find in a soulmate as it indicates their willingness to remain invested in a long-term partnership. If one does not dream of a future with you and does not reciprocate your idea of a partnership, they will probably only bring you despair in the long run. So when you see your partner wanting the same things as you and involving you in their long-term decisions, you know this is it!

4. They can be apart but would rather not

Soulmates connect with you on a spiritual level and are therefore not insecure with your individuality. They are still very much connected to you even when you are apart, doing your own things. But that does not change the fact that being with them is the most enriching experience. They are your best friend, guide, and lover, so, why would you not want to spend most of your time with them!

5. They are respectful

Nothing is more fatal to a relationship than disrespect. When soulmates connect, they accept each other for who they are, with all their flaws. This sense of acceptance gives rise to mutual respect for each other. Even when angry, they refrain from using impulsive and demeaning statements.

6. They show you their true self

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There are no masks in a real relationship. A soulmate will never hide from you, lie to you, or manipulate you. They will hold themselves to the highest of standards, just as you do with yourself. The integrity of character is a given when you find your soulmate in your partner.

7. They don't give up on the relationship

A relationship is rarely ever a smooth ride; there are days when you question why you ever thought it's a good idea to be in one. But a soulmate makes sure they handle a difficult situation well, so as to not let a disagreement, or even a big fight, get out of hand. They always remember to put their love for you before their displeasure at something you said or did. They trust in your innate goodness and do their best to resolve issues with you. 



Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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