6 Signs That Show You Are a Lightworker Sent on Earth to Heal Others

6 Signs That Show You Are a Lightworker Sent on Earth to Heal Others

Everyone has a purpose in life and yours might just be a little more intense and special than others'.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 8, 2020. It has since been updated.

There are many special people among us who have a sensitivity that is higher than others. These are unique and highly gifted people who have the power to change the world around them by healing. These people almost have a psychic ability to know what other people are thinking, feeling, or need in order to heal. They are great at reading other people and their power shows them a path of growth that goes beyond the personal.


If you want to find out if you are one, you may want to examine if you have felt different than others; if you have felt that you are indeed great at knowing what anyone around you wants and feels and thinks. Perhaps, even before the other person said it out loud, you were able to guess it and ask them about it. If you are a lightworker, you have probably never been happy with only serving your own purposes. You may have wanted to inspire others to do and be more.

If you are still wondering, here are six signs that show if you are a lightworker, one of Earth's angels sent to fulfill god's purpose:

1. You are highly intuitive

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Do you ever feel that you have a special ability to predict future events? You see things with such clarity that you are able to gauge what is going to happen next. As a lightworker, you have an innate wisdom about life and people have probably wondered how you know so much even when you were younger. You were likely able to tell when something bad was going to happen and were perplexed by it. You are inclined towards the philosophical questions in life. You have probably pondered about the human condition often and worry about the future of the world. If so, then you are likely to be a lightworker.


2. You have a strong urge to help people 

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As a lightworker, you have a greater understanding of the world and you don't run away from the dark recesses within you to understand the bigger picture. This is how you have built a strong empathetic nature and are able to care deeply about others. The compassion within you isn't something you can ignore, sometimes even at the cost of your own wellbeing. The urge to help people is so great that you may even take up careers in the service of people. You want to serve, teach, and heal others to change the world into a brighter place.

3. You can sense other people's energy 

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Can you feel a person's energy and know if they are having a bad day even before they can tell you about it? Not just that, you can probably tell if they had a great day too. If you experience a drop in your energy when you sense negative vibes around you and then have to recharge yourself, these are all signs that you are a lightworker. You are empathic to other people's needs and are so in tune with the vibrations around you that it is a gift.

4. You have struggled with trauma in the past 

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You might have felt like you were being tested multiple times in life when you faced challenges. If you believe that there is a purpose behind everything that happens, you may have realized that the challenges you encountered changed you as a person. It gave you a greater understanding of people, the world, and yourself. Even without consciously going for it, you have attained personal growth and likely want to share it with the rest of the world.


5. You are spiritual 

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It's possible you have always been interested in spirituality in its many forms, with or without religion. You probably enjoy learning about ancient religions and their teachings that educate you about the good. It could be because you are deeply interested in becoming a sponge for the ancient teachings that can show you the meaning of your life. It may help you find the higher purpose you have been searching for in this lifetime.

6. You feel like an old soul 

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It probably started when you were young. People told you that you were more mature than your age. You always listened, had well-thought-out advice to give others, and were supportive to those who needed it, from a young age. You were able to tell the differing needs of various people in your life. You may also have been the one they came to for advice because listening to you gave them assurance, inspiration, or a wake-up call, whatever was important at that moment.

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