6 Signs of a Person With a Highly Intuitive Sixth Sense | They "Know" Things Before the Logical Mind Perceives Them

6 Signs of a Person With a Highly Intuitive Sixth Sense | They "Know" Things Before the Logical Mind Perceives Them

Most of us have five major senses, but the sixth one is rare. You have to open your mind and have more faith for you to receive information through your sixth sense.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on January 18, 2021. It has since been updated.

We all know of the five primary senses: vision, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. But, did you know that there was one more? Your sixth sense aka extrasensory perception aka intuition or gut instincts allows you to pick on things that are not received by the other senses. This is a gift as it can protect you from difficult situations, read people's true intentions, and allow you to make decisions that are aligned to your true self.


This sixth sense enables you to perceive things beyond what you can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. For instance, you might enter a new place and you suddenly are filled with a sense of foreboding, which makes you backtrack. You may not know what made you stop in your tracks or why you chose to not go further, but getting away from that area "felt" right. You may later realize (and sometimes never know) that there was impending danger there, which your sixth sense picked. Here are some signs that your sixth sense is active.

1. You can read people's vibes instantly.

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Those with the sixth sense tend to have a high level of empathy for others and find it easy to read other people. Their empathy is so in tune that they can read how the other person, even a stranger, is feeling without seeing their facial expressions or knowing them well. One of the downsides of being able to gauge people's feelings instantly is that it is tiring to hang out with those who have negative energy. You will be affected by their anger, frustration, or sadness since you feel everything intensely, as per Spiritual Unite.


2. You can see or sense things without physical cues.

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You don't need visual information to know certain things. For instance, if you lose your keys, you have a strange sense of where you can find it, and it usually turns out to be there. Or, it could be that you enter a space and are able to know what had happened there in the past and sometimes have a vague knowing of what is going to happen in the future, too. This ability to "see" people, places, and histories, without any physical or tangible cues suggests that you have a sixth sense, according to California Psychics.

3. You are an empath.

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You are not just acutely aware of your own feelings and intuition, but you can easily tune into others' emotions. Sometimes all it takes is for you to enter a room to pick on the energy and know who is feeling sad or down. While this makes you a very caring family member or friend, it can also leave you overwhelming. You know when someone is lying or hiding something. You can sense when someone is hiding their true feelings, and you read between the lines. Even if you are talking to someone over the phone or texting, and the person says everything is okay, you can pick their feelings, especially when something is amiss.

4. Your instinct can sense danger or discomfort immediately.

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You have a very strong gut feeling when something is off. Sometimes you might feel it as a knot in your tummy. Or, you could feel restless and unwell. If you say yes to something that you should be saying no to, you feel it instantly in your gut.


You can sense when a loved one is not okay, even if they are away physically. Much like how a new mom instinctively knows what her infant needs, you can sense your loved ones' need or discomfort. You might suddenly remember someone after years and out of the blue, you get a call from them. All these suggest that you have a strong instinct that is beyond the logical brain.

5. You know ahead how things will turn out.

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You often get a hunch about things and it is often more than a logical guess. You know how things will turn out, or who will win an event, or whether a venture will be successful. This is also why sometimes you feel a sense of dread or prefer to postpone things. This could also be why you feel fearless and reassured during a time when others around you are anxious or worried.


6. You have a deep bond with animals and nature.

You can sense the life source in everything. Whether it is a random bird in a park or a flower by your window sill, you connect with all living forms intuitively. Dogs, cats, and other pets take to you instantly. You have a way to comfort them and they feel at ease with you around. You also find a deep sense of calm amidst nature. The natural elements soothe you and feel most at home when surrounded by trees or by the sea or water body, or in the mountains.





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