5 Signs a Departed Loved One Is Watching Over

5 Signs a Departed Loved One Is Watching Over

They might no longer be physically around you, but they still find their way back to you to fill you with strength and hope and watch over you like a guardian angel.

They say some bonds last forever. Even when they're miles away, you still feel that intimacy, and it never seems to fade. So what happens to such a special connection when death comes along?

Losing a loved one can be the hardest experience you might ever go through. But perhaps, even death doesn't truly part us. Certain experiences could show that the connection between you two is still alive. For all you know, they might still be taking care of you all the way from the beyond.

1. You feel their presence and it comforts you

The pain you feel when you lose someone to death can completely shatter your world. But feeling like your loved one is still with you, nudging you on in this difficult time and pushing you to be stronger, can help you move on. Sometimes you might be completely alone in a room, but feel some kind of a presence near you. Feeling a presence is said to be one of the most common experiences of After-Death Communications (ADC), as explained by Marilyn A. Mendoza, clinical instructor in the psychiatry department at Tulane University Medical Center and author of Understanding Grief and We Do Not Die Alone.


2. Your thoughts seem to have a voice... their voice

The thoughts you have could be a result of a number of things. But sometimes, you might hear the voice of your departed loved one, as if they were right next to you. It's like you hear their voice somewhere deep within the depths of your mind. It could be your loved one’s way of whispering words of encouragement to you because you have stopped believing in yourself. 

3. You see them in your dream and find closure when you wake up

As you cope with the loss of your loved one, they might start appearing in your dreams, looking happy and radiant. This could be them letting you know they are doing perfectly fine in their afterlife, that you don't need to worry about them, and that they are watching over you. When you wake up from such a dream, you might feel like you've found that much-needed sense of closure, as explained by Preston Ni, a professor of communication studies. The dream might also teach you something you need to learn or answer deep questions you've lately found yourself asking.


4. You get lost in thought and suddenly feel a touch

After the loss of a loved one, there might be moments when you're taken all the way back to an unforgettable time you had with them. And suddenly, as you go deeper into that moment, you might feel a light touch on your arm! As if your loved one were right there and touching you in that familiar way they used to. This could be a way to reassure you that you'll be fine and that they miss you too.

5. You find signs around you

Sometimes your loved one might not communicate with you in the most obvious ways. It might not be a light touch, or a presence, or their voice that you sense around you. They could try to tell you something through signs that only you would understand. It could be through a song playing on the radio, or a flower that lands on your doorstep, or perhaps a feather that rests on your lap as you sit in the park. These little signs you see around you could be your loved one's way of comforting you, encouraging you and making you feel safe.






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