6 Signs Your Partner and You Are Truly Meant for Each Other

6 Signs Your Partner and You Are Truly Meant for Each Other

Beyond sex, desire, and romance, lie multiple other signs that prove a couple is meant to be for the long haul.

We are made to believe that desire, romance, and sex are what make relationships healthy, and only through these would you know if you and your partner are meant to be. While these things are important for a relationship to sustain, there are many more signs that show if a couple's relationship is the real deal. When your relationship feels just right and you continue to look forward to seeing each other every day even after several years together you know that you are perfect for each other. Relationships can be hard work but if you continue to work at it year after year, you are already on the right path. 

Here are some signs that your partner and you are meant for each other: 

1. You support one another in your interests

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If you support each other actively when either of you is trying to learn something new or are trying to upskill, or trying out any new challenge like learning to quill or row, it's a good sign for the relationship. It boosts satisfaction in the relationship when you affirm each other, according to Psychology Today

2. You take interest in each other's hobbies 

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The best of couples start behaving like each other and want to actively participate in things that the other partner is interested in. They pick up new hobbies or start using a different vocabulary than before. When people are together for a long time, their interests and hobbies start overlapping in a process called self-other overlap. It shows you are close to each other. 

3. You don't complain about one another to friends 

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Your partner doesn't give you reasons to go on lengthy tirades against them with your confidantes. Your communication with each other is clear and simple. Both of you understand each other and there are hardly any misunderstandings that lead to frustration. So, you don't pick and analyze their every move with your friends anymore, according to Cosmopolitan.

4. You're both comfortable sharing your feelings 

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Both of you don't just communicate, you also reveal your inner feelings to each other. You like to share your emotions, thoughts, and ideas with each other. While it is easy to share the facts about us, it is hard to reveal the private ruminations we have. Being able to share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with your partner is proof that your understanding of each other is deep. Your bond is so strong that both of you are open to listening to what the other has to say. 

5. You don't play games with each other

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Neither of you acts childishly in the relationship and withhold affection because of petty reasons. If a problem crops up, you talk about it instead of being passive-aggressive. You don't hide anything from the other or withhold information either. Your relationship is stable and the channels of communication are open. 

6. You don't try to change one another 

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You accept each other completely and while you support each other towards self-growth, nobody nags the other to change. Both of you accept responsibility and don't believe in blaming anyone. You reflect, apologize, and do everything in your power to make things better, according to HuffPost





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