6 Signs a Partner Isn't the Right One | "Your Soulmate Might Be Waiting for You"

6 Signs a Partner Isn't the Right One | "Your Soulmate Might Be Waiting for You"

All relationships face speedbumps from time to time but there are certain signs which tell us that we are with the wrong person.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on July 31, 2020. It has since been updated.

Not all relationships last forever. In the beginning, people are happy and swept up in their feelings for each other. We find a person who we feel attracted to and that seems enough because they react with equal enthusiasm. But, along the way, the love may have fizzled out. Not just the romance but also your feelings for your partner may have been extinguished.


You may have a strong emotional relationship with your partner but your true love might be out there. It's possible that you are not with a partner who is your soulmate if there are these six signs in your current relationship:

1. Your emotional needs remain unmet and you feel a sense of void

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It's possible that you are always there for your partner but when it comes to your turn, you are told that you are being "too sensitive". Your feelings are not taken into account and that makes it hard for you to open up to your partner.


In the end, you may feel that there is nobody who understands you. If your partner is unable to fulfill this basic requirement of a romantic relationship, then they may not be the right person for you. 

2. You just don't feel "seen" by your partner and feel like strangers sometimes

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You might be feeling that there is a huge gap between your partner and you. You have changed as people do normally, and they might not be able to see that at all. They probably see you like they want to and direct your relationship into something that is convenient for them.


When a person is unable to understand their partner they are also going to be bad at seeing them as an individual, separate from them. If your relationship is all about your partner's needs then you may be with the wrong person.

3. You can't trust your partner and are doubtful of their commitment 

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It's possible that you have been together for a very long time and on the outside, all seems well. However, you could be feeling a nagging doubt that tells you that you aren't sure if your partner is there for the long haul. You might be questioning their love and commitment towards you because they drop clues unwittingly.


If they have been delaying tying the knot even though you have been together for years or are not completely truthful with you, it's likely that you question their intention.

4. You are always anxious around your partner and try to dismiss your discomfort

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If you feel that something is off-center in your relationship and you are always trying to dismiss this feeling, it can leave you anxious. It's like you are trying to piece together a puzzle long after it has stopped making sense.


Perhaps, the right pieces are missing from your life. When you are with someone whose presence is more anxiety-inducing than assuring, you could be forcing yourself to remain as part of a partnership that's stopped working. Maybe, it wasn't working right from the start and you ignored the discomfort. 

5. You feel alone even with them and imagine yourself with other people

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If you feel alone in your relationship, it can leave you confused about your own feelings towards your partner. Perhaps, there is someone else who understands you better or makes you laugh, and you feel attracted to them. Even if it's for a short time, maybe you keep those feelings hidden deep inside you, afraid of breaking up something that has been part of your life for a long time and feels familiar. However, if you are constantly thinking about other people who make you happier, you might not be with your true love.


6. You don't see a future together and have grown more than them

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In case you can't imagine a future together with them, it's possible that you have grown more than your partner has. Your needs have evolved when your partner has been unchanging and rigid. When people get married, they want to be with their loved one for the rest of their life, but it's always possible that two people grow in different directions. In that case, your relationship would face friction and can even stop making sense entirely. It's important to understand your own needs to know what your next step should be.

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