Prince Lived With the Pain of Losing His Son Till the Day He Died | He Called His Son's Playroom His "Favorite Room"

Prince Lived With the Pain of Losing His Son Till the Day He Died | He Called His Son's Playroom His "Favorite Room"

Prince lived in denial and didn't want to disclose the details of his loss during the interview with Oprah.

Every parent goes through mixed emotions as the delivery date of their child arrives. While they are excited and thrilled to welcome the new life, they are also nervous and praying for the good health of their unborn child. The flamboyant singer, Prince too went through the same thrill and worry. However, what awaited him was one thing no parent would ever be prepared for. Just days after the birth, Prince lost his son, Amiir. He could not contain his pain and the loss took an emotional toll on the singer.


Days later, he along with his then-wife Mayte Garcia, sat down with Oprah for an interview at their Paisley Park residence. While showing her around the house, Prince pointed out to his late son's nursery and called it his "favorite room," according to Yahoo Entertainment. He appeared calm as if nothing tragic had happened. The singer, who liked his privacy, did not even address or confirm the death of his son in public. However, rumors had already been out.

When Oprah mentioned that the rumors about the death or health problems of their son concerned his fans, the singer stated it was "all good". He added, "Our family exists. We’re just beginning it. And we’ve got many kids to have and a long way to go," according to Ultimate Prince.

Though Prince hid his pain and struggle behind the camera, eventually fans discovered the heartbreaking event that took place in his life.


Years later, his wife Garcia revealed more details of the interview through her book, The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince. She explained how the couple was mourning the death of their son when the interview took place. “'Oprah’s coming to Paisley, today. I need you to do this.’ He had me on my feet, but I was sobbing. People came. A mask of heavy makeup was applied to my face," wrote Garcia, recalling the day of the interview, according to Yahoo Entertainment.

She divulged that Prince was in a state of denial at the time. Unable to process the pain, he had buried it all inside, projecting a stronger exterior. Garcia added that the singer did not want her to talk about their dead son in the interview. “I sat on the sofa, smiling a pretty ballerina smile. I’d been instructed by my husband, ‘Say nothing about Amiir,’" recalled the woman in her book, according to Ultimate Prince.

Further, she revealed she was totally unaware of the existence of the nursery at Paisley Park. “Oprah saw it before I did. I have to wonder why he took her in there. They stood in the middle of this colorful paradise of toys. It had everything a perfect nursery needs, except for the only thing a perfect nursery needs," wrote Garcia in her book. She added that he had set it up while she was in the hospital and the singer wanted it to be a surprise for the mother and the baby.


Prince was clearly thrilled to welcome his child. When he first heard of Garcia's pregnancy, he was overjoyed and could not wait to prepare his mansion for his son. He picked out a name and even prayed for him. "Please, bless this child. We know you won’t allow this child to be harmed," prayed the singer, according to Vanity Fair. But, life didn't go as expected. His elation turned to shock when he discovered his son was born with Pfeiffer syndrome type 2.

After the loss of his son who he never even got to spend time with, Prince was a changed man. Staying in his house that was all set for his son did not seem to help him cope with the pain. "Our son's ashes were brought to the house in an urn. I don't know how long I lay in bed with Amiir's ashes. The next day - or maybe it was a week later or in another lifetime - my husband came to me and said 'I can't be here. I have to go'," recalled Garcia.


He was wounded and wanted to get away. The tragedy even affected his relationship with Garcia. Eventually, they got divorced. "I don’t think he ever got over it. I know I haven’t," she said, according to People



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