Single Mom Katie Holmes Raised Daughter, Suri, on Her Own and Nurtured Her "Individuality" | "She Came Out Very Strong"

Single Mom Katie Holmes Raised Daughter, Suri, on Her Own and Nurtured Her "Individuality" | "She Came Out Very Strong"

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise have been on their own mostly since Holmes divorced Tom Cruise. The mother and daughter are very close.

Being a single mom is a difficult journey there may come a time when the mother and child become friends. They learn to support each other in their own way and make their own little universe. It's not always that the father is present in their life because it may be a tragedy that made the family a single-parent one. There could also be that the father is an absentee one and the mother and child have had to depend on each other wholely. 

For Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise, life changed when Holmes left Tom Cruise, one of the biggest movie stars in the world. She asked for a divorce in 2012 and they haven't really stayed in touch since. She moved to New York with her daughter, who was around 6 years old at the time. Hounded by paparazzi, they spent many tense moments together but they thrived through it all.


"I have to say, I did recently see some fan site [about her] posted when she was a baby, and it was very intense. We were followed a lot when she was little. I just wanted her outside, so I would walk her around to find parks at, like, 6 in the morning when nobody would see us. But there's one video where I'm holding her—she was 2 at the time—and she starts waving at the cameras. She's pretty special," said Holmes to InStyle magazine

Speaking about that Holmes added that they had some "funny moments" in public. "There was one incredible moment when I think I actually cried. Suri was 6 or 7, and she was spending the night at a friend's house while I was seeing the ballet at Lincoln Center. At 10 o'clock I got a call: 'Mommy, can you come get me?' I got a cab and went down to Battery Park to pick her up. She was exhausted. She fell asleep on the way home," the mom-of-one shared.



Recently, on Suri's 14th birthday, Holmes wished her daughter on social media too. She shared two posts about her girl on her special day. "💕Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!!!!! 💕 I am so blessed to be your mom. May this year be incredible! 💕💕💕💕" she wrote in her first one. In the second one, Suri was seen dressed for the occasion but from the back. "Birthday vibes 💕💕" Katie wrote.


The difficulties they went through together have brought them close. "You’d struggle to find a mom-daughter duo who are more in sync with each other," a source told Us Weekly. "They’re a real team—their connection is a beautiful thing to witness."

Suri, or "my child," as her mom calls her, is strong-willed and curious, according to her mom. "I love her so much. My biggest goal has always been to nurture her into her individuality. To make sure she is 100 percent herself and strong, confident, and able. And to know it. She came out very strong—she's always been a strong personality. She'll pick an activity and work her butt off until she's really good at it. Then she's like, 'Okay, I'm going to try the next thing.' She's very focused and a hard worker," she added.


She is also "well-liked" and a talented athlete. "Suri is very naturally athletic and excels at physical activities like gymnastics and dance," another source told Us Weekly. Holmes has a big hand in Suri's love for staying fit.

"My dad ran the Boston Marathon when he was 45," said Holmes to Elle. "I mean, that really set the bar for me. Like, 'Oh, I want to do that. He can do that. That's so cool.' I think it's nice when you have someone who's setting that example. I mean, I like to set nice examples and work out but not be too obsessed or anything like that for my own daughter," she added.


They spend a lot of time together and are often seen walking about, getting their chores done in New York, just like any other mother-daughter duo. Cruise is reportedly not in the picture since his religion doesn't permit it, but that has not been confirmed. 





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