Soldier Who Was Away for Two Years Surprises His Mother at a Grocery Store | Watch Her Priceless Reaction

Soldier Who Was Away for Two Years Surprises His Mother at a Grocery Store | Watch Her Priceless Reaction

It's only natural for a mother to react the way she did, especially after not seeing her beloved child in two years.

Soldiers have a hard life. They spend most of their time away from their homes fighting for the country and the people, most of whom they've never even met. They sacrifice their lives for our safety, don't they? While parents are immensely proud of their children for choosing a career path that requires them to be selfless, they do tend to worry about their child's safety, not knowing what's happening where they are. It's the same with a soldier's family.

They can't help but miss and pray for their kids and Ethan Houston's mom was no different. So, when Houston decided to surprise his mother, she couldn't help but let out a loud scream—filled with joy and surprise—the moment her son caught her eye in a grocery store she was shopping at. Houston was stationed in Germany and hadn't seen his mother in two years. In a video shared by Goodnews Movement, the soldier hides behind an aisle with a bouquet of flowers in his hand as he waits for his mother.


The mother's legs give way when she spots her beloved son, and she proceeds to hug him tight. She then bursts out in tears, most likely because she's just so relieved to hold her baby in her arms. Onlookers and close family members, applaud and celebrate the moment with them. Homecoming videos of soldiers are extremely emotional and you can't help but shed a tear, even if you're only a viewer. Here are some more heartwarming moments of reunion.

This soldier tried to blend in with the crowd to surprise his mother after he came home a month before he told her he would. She first passed by him, but then took a double-take when she realized who it was.


It's really not easy for a woman to give birth without her husband, their child's father. This woman was in for the surprise of her life after her husband came to meet his child while she was taking care of their newborn while in the NICU.


Weddings are meant to be witnessed by your closest friends and family, and so this soldier decided to surprise her mother on the day she was getting married. There truly is no sweeter gesture than this one.


It's not always the soldiers that surprise their families. In this case, a woman went to surprise her husband after he returned home from a year-long deployment. The tears free-falling from his eyes show just how much it meant for him to spot his wife's familiar face amid the sea of people.


Finally, here's a list of heartwarming moments of soldiers reuniting with their families after working day and night for the safety of their country. Please keep a tissue handy because as much as you try, tears are going to be involved. 


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