Ungrateful Son Pushes His BMW Car into River in Anger Because Parents Couldn’t Buy Him the Jaguar He Wanted

Ungrateful Son Pushes His BMW Car into River in Anger Because Parents Couldn’t Buy Him the Jaguar He Wanted

They just wanted their 22-year-old son to be happy on his birthday but what he did was completely unforgivable.

Children always look forward to their birthdays and the amazing gifts they would receive from their parents and family. However, when a grown man has unimaginable expectations from their parents, it becomes a matter of shame. An ungrateful 22-year-old man recently pushed his new BMW into a river since his parents didn't buy him the car he wanted. His demand was for a Jaguar. He claimed that the BMW was too small for him and his friends, according to Fox News

The man named Akash deliberately pushed the BMW 3 Series car he had received as a gift on his birthday two months ago into the Western Yamuna Canal, in Haryana, India. 
"Akashi was demanding for a Jaguar car from his father, but when his father failed to buy one, he threw away his BMW in a fit of anger," a local police official said, according to CBS News. "His family had sold the [Toyota] Innova they had received from his in-laws to buy him [Akash] the BMW," the news report said.


What is more enraging is that no arrests were made and no case was filed since nobody filed a complaint. Police said that the parents, including his father, landowner Sanjeev Kumar, claimed that Akash had a mental health issue and they did not want to reveal it. Sanjeev defended his son, who behaved in a brash and impulsive manner, and denied that he ever wanted a Jaguar. He claimed that his son was trying to stop from hitting an antelope that was in his way, according to CBS News.


The video of the scene shows the car stuck in a tall pile of grass as divers and locals try to extricate the submerged car out of the water. An Indian newspaper, the Times of India, reported that the 22-year-old man made a video of what he had done to the car to send to his parents to show them how angry he was. Realizing how outrageous his actions were, he later also dived in with those who were trying to help bring it out of the river.


"We have two cars, a BMW and a Swift. My son never demanded a Jaguar car," the father told TOI. Despite what happened, the father did not want his child to suffer and has been trying to protect him from serious consequences. However, Fox News quoted the father as saying, "I wanted to give my son a birthday present. We could only afford to give him a BMW, while he kept on insisting that he be given a Jaguar. He said the vehicle was too small but we thought he will be okay. We never imagined he would do anything like this."

The car costs anywhere between $53,000 to almost $63,000 in the Southasian nation. The landowner father had sold off some part of his almost 100,000 sq. meter agricultural land recently, which prompted the purchase of the expensive birthday gift.


The car was recovered after several hours of work by the divers, locals, and earthmovers. It had to be pulled out from the middle of the swollen river, thanks to heavy rains in the monsoon, by heavy building machinery towards the end. It is not known if it is in a working condition anymore.





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