Meet Storm, the Haflinger Horse Whose Shiny, Blonde Curls Have Earned Her the Title 'Rapunzel' of the Animal World

Meet Storm, the Haflinger Horse Whose Shiny, Blonde Curls Have Earned Her the Title 'Rapunzel' of the Animal World

Storm has become an Instagram star and is being admired by horse-lovers all around the world.

It is indeed unfortunate that mother nature has so much hidden in her store and we get to see so little before we are old and gray. While we remain unintroduced to most of nature's unique creations, every now and then we do cross paths with bits of her bounty and that leaves us in complete awe of its richness and divinity.

A fraction of nature's charm came before our eyes when the owner of a Haflinger horse started posting their photos on Instagram. The horse named Storm is nothing like your ordinary horses, in fact, her shiny tresses have blown the minds of many people.


Storm lives in the Netherlands with her owner Naomi Beckers. Both of them have curiously identical tresses and their photos together are no less than surreal. For a minute, one might think that Storm's hair is not of her own at all but unreal.

While curly hair is not an unusual thing to have for Haflinger horses, as they grow up, their curls start to straighten out. Storm is a wonderful exception because she is 10 years old now and her curls are still flowing away.


However, Naomi was not planning on posting so many pictures of them together. But the massive following and enormous love did win her heart and surprised her. "I was planning to post a few pictures on it [Storm’s Instagram] from time to time, but people kept asking me when I would post another photo," IHeartHorses quotes Naomi.

Storm's fan following also drove her to get frequent joint photoshoots done and the photos look straight out of a fairy tale. With over 50K followers on Instagram, here is Storm or the Rapunzel of the animal world, to win your hearts.











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