Stray Dog Was Kicked by Man, So He Returned with His Gang of Friends to Take Revenge By Vandalizing His Car

Stray Dog Was Kicked by Man, So He Returned with His Gang of Friends to Take Revenge By Vandalizing His Car

Stray dogs are often neglected or worse, abused. Some of the pooches find the need to get aggressive with people in order to protect themselves. However, this stray had other plans.

Loving a dog is possibly one of the easiest things to do. You can shower them with love and they will shower you with cuddles, sloppy kisses, and smiling eyes. Not to mention, the inexplicable loyalty they show. It's no wonder they're known to be man's best friend. 

However, there are some people who think it's okay to mistreat dogs. Even then, that dog will give them a chance to redeem themselves. But god forbid someone spite them, then they won't sit quietly. And one man in China found out the hard way that you do not mess with a dog. Especially one that's a stray. The Daily Mail reports the story. 

When the man spotted the animal resting in a parking spot near his home in Chongqing, he immediately kicked the dog out of the way so that he could park his own car. Thinking that was the end, he left the parked car and went on his way. After all, for him, kicking the dog was nothing big. But what happened next was extraordinary.

There have been various stories of dogs biting those who hurt them but this story is very different. The dog may have been kicked and chased away, but it returned with his own squad to exact some revenge.


 In a video taken by a neighbor of the man, it can be seen that the dog and his canine friends begin to vandalize the car.


They tried to eat and chew on the car's frame as well as making their way up to the windshield to attempt the same. All over the car, they made sure to leave visible dents - some very expensive dents. 



Don't worry, you're not alone in your astonishment. The person taking the video and those who saw the pictures were just as shocked. Later on, the neighbor showed the pictures to the owner of the car. We're pretty sure he regretted kicking the stray dog. 

Here's the full video:


Sadly enough though, such an incident of abuse is not uncommon. In China, there are no animal cruelty laws, at least not for domestic creatures like dogs. Which is why festivals like the Yulin Dog Festival wherein eating dog meat is the main theme, are still organized despite constant protests from certain factions of the public. 


Those on the internet who saw this now-viral story had their own two bits to say. Most of them were on the dog's side. One Twitter user commented, "Do a good job on that car."  Another Twitter user wrote, "All abuse must expect revenge!" One user even ranted saying, "WONDERFUL REVENGE!!!! Shame they didn't trash the car more of this b*****d of a car owner......what kind of person would actually kick a poor homeless animal? Kicking any animal shows what a b*****d this man is."

Of course, there were some people who were on the man's side. One social media user commented, "To everyone saying poor doggies you should visit Bucharest, the dogs can be aggressive and attack you for no reason (like it happened to me). The driver is not to blame but the government is by not getting rid of stray dogs... Maybe the driver kicked one because he looked dangerous, as they usually bark and run after the wheels of cars. And if you don't do anything and get bitten, you won't be able to work for a few days because you will need to take anti-rabies shots.. but yeah.. blame the driver why not."





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