Student Given Dress Code Violation for Wearing a Pair of Shorts to School | Her Foot Was in a Thigh-High Leg Brace

Student Given Dress Code Violation for Wearing a Pair of Shorts to School | Her Foot Was in a Thigh-High Leg Brace

She had to miss most of her class since she was asked to leave and come back only after changing her clothes.

Schools follow dress codes in a very rigid way. Despite people pointing out and complaining about some of them being sexist, no change is initiated and they remain as they are.

Recently, a high-schooler and TikToker named Kyleigh, who goes by the username @kyles._.w was allegedly asked to change out of her shorts because it was against the school's dress-code policy.

The athlete was in a leg brace because she was in recovery after tearing her meniscus. For convenience, she wore athletic shorts that were long enough for the hem to touch the top of her brace but surprisingly, it was considered too short by the school. 

Staff at the school approached her and informed her she'd have to change her outfit. The teen shared a video on TikTok, with an exasperated expression, accompanied by on-screen text that read: "How are u gonna dress code someone who can’t even wear pants." She added that she was asked to leave the class and change. “Missing almost my entire class for this BS,” she wrote.


this is why i have fucking school

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Via the comments section in her post, the teen confirmed that she had been required by her school to change her shorts because the school rules state that clothing hems must reach “six inches above the knee”. 

When one person suggested that she wear leggings or denim, she said she did wear it, but it was way too difficult for her to function. “I had to put on workout leggings and now my brace is sliding around and I’ve had to re-adjust it six times today to even walk,” she revealed. Yet another person suggested she wear pajama bottoms to school, but even that is prohibited, per the dress code. "We can’t wear any type of PJ clothes to school,” she stated. 

Since the place she lives in is way too hot, she couldn't even wear sweatpants to school. 

Many viewers slammed the school for not accommodating Kyleigh's situation, with one person questioning, “How is this even possible?” Another person asked: "They do everything but allow students to learn, I swear." While someone else joked: "Your cast is too revealing."


Honestly, what's shocking and worrying is that Kyleigh is not the only person who had to go through distress for not complying with the rigid and sexist dress codes in school. Others shared their own stories that seemed to echo the TikToker's situation. One person wrote: "When I tore my ACL they made me put my brace OVER my pants." Another said: "Happened at my school. The girl got dress coded for one of these and she literally came back with a towel tied around her leg."

Finally, she might have managed to fulfill the school dress-code criteria by wearing her dad's basketball shorts. In a new video, she shared the update with a message on the screen that said:  “I guess imma dress like a guy, now haven’t got dress-coded.”

Do you think these rules are fair?



Cover Image Source: TikTok | @kyles._.w

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