8 Style Tips for Women With a Full Bust to Find the Perfect Outfits That Accentuates Their Curves

8 Style Tips for Women With a Full Bust to Find the Perfect Outfits That Accentuates Their Curves

Each person has a style preference that suits them. But what if you've been hiding killer curves because your full bust tends to limit your choices? Not anymore.

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Finding the right clothes to wear is never easy for anyone. Whether it's choosing a good color, a good fit, or a good style, the right clothes have to be ones that accentuate the assets that you were born with. But the search for those outfits is made even more difficult for women with a fuller and bigger bust. Sure, that top might look great on a woman with a B cup, but what about for the women who are above that size? Though every woman's body, regardless of shape, size, or frame, is one to be celebrated, the woes that women with bigger breasts have when it comes to fashion aren't as talked about, especially since finding clothes that suit both the top and bottom halves of their body is a nightmare to some. So maybe we can make it a little easier to do so by suggesting style tips that would highlight the gorgeous bodies that women with bigger cup sizes have.


Here are 8 tips for those women:

1. V-neck tops or dresses

If you're someone who enjoys the "if you've got it, flaunt it" motto, then v-necks are a great way to accentuate your bust. Not only does it help decrease the appearance of your bust and make your neck look longer, it's also the most strategic shape for showing off some skin. If you're wearing a dress with that neckline, cinching it at the waist to your comfort level or having a pre-cinched dress can show off your curves in the best way. Wrap tops and wrap dresses are some perfect ways to achieve this look. This neckline also applies to jackets.



2. A high-neck or turtleneck top or dress

For those of you who prefer to conceal to reveal or know that a v-neck isn't always situation-appropriate, wearing something with a high neck or is a turtleneck will keep everything smooth and pulled tight. However, it is important that the fabric of the turtleneck be such that it will even out your torso's proportions. Avoid ribbing or knitting that can show signs of stretch and you'll be just fine. Not to mention, tucking in such a top into your bottomwear can help highlight your curves in a gentle manner.



3. Slim stripes

We've all heard that certain types of stripes can be slimming. While vertical stripes are known for that, many might miss out on the fact that it's actually the size of the stripes that are more important. Wide stripes make us look wider, while narrow stripes are more slimming. Keeping slightly away from very clingy fabric, the right top with such patterning can help decrease the size of your bust but also hug your body comfortably to emphasize the curves.



4. Scoop necklines

Similar to the v-necklines, scoop necks create a longer and slender silhouette that will result in your boobs looking less heavy. For those sexy busted women, any neckline that show’s off your upper chest and neck will always be a great idea. Depending on the occasion, you can choose to go with a deeper scoop to show off more cleavage or a higher scoop for a more appropriate look.



5. Tank tops or sleeveless dress tops with wide straps

If you want to wear tanks with or without any layer, the best type to opt for is that which has wide straps. Spaghetti or thin straps can make your arms, shoulders, and bust look bigger than they actually are, so try to avoid those. You can always pair a nice, fitting tank top with a jacket that sits on your frame well.



6. Darker color tops

Black has always been the go-to color for when someone wants to look more toned and that hasn't changed in many years. Similarly, darker color tops can not only decrease the heaviness of your bust, but can also lend aid in showing off your natural shape. Grey is also one of the best colors to wear for women with large boobs. Whether charcoal grey or light grey, this is a neutral color that flatters your curvy silhouette.



7. Go for looser clothes

While this may sound like the opposite of the look you are trying to achieve of finding clothes that are flattering, there is a reasoning behind it. Comfort is always important, so why not style that with fashion as well. Going for looser tops or dresses will give your bust the breathing space it needs, but cinching it at the waist like a wrap top or dress would, tying up the bottom, folding up the sleeves, or half-tucking it at your waistband can help accentuate your assets, both your bust and your waistline. A pairing of a loose top with tight pants is just as good an option.

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8. Skip the button-up blouses

There are plenty of blouses with the neckline mentioned above that can flatter your busty figure. However, oftentimes with a button-up blouse, there's always that little gap that becomes a big deal and difficult to cover up. It's not your fault but to avoid a potentially embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, you could try on tops that don't require being buttoned up in the front. That being said, if you're someone who doesn't mind showing some cleavage, in a button-up top, leaving the first few buttons open to give it a v-neck look can also be a good choice. You could even pair it with a tank top underneath.


These are just a few tips that can help you find what you're looking for in clothes, especially if your bust is on the fuller side. But ultimately, choosing what makes you feel confident and walk around with your head held high is even more important than any tip is. Be proud of your body and the gifts bestowed upon it. You deserve it.