Welcome the Festive Season with Target's New Holiday Collection That Has Matching Pajamas for Your Whole Family!

Welcome the Festive Season with Target's New Holiday Collection That Has Matching Pajamas for Your Whole Family!

This is one of the cutest PJ collection that has been launched in a long time and there is something for everyone, including your pet!

Pajamas are not just an outfit, it is an emotion. Even the banal day-to-day activities become a little easy when you hang around wearing your favorite pair of PJs. One of the coziest months when the nip in the air becomes sharper, October is perfect to revamp your PJ wardrobe and Target has got you covered. Their new pajama collection is perfect for a family that loves to be together. Planning for a little family party? Movies, pillow fights, games, and lots of photos? Just slip into one of these PJs and crown yourselves the cutest family of all time.

Their patterns and designs are inspired by the holiday season. There are also patterns in plaid, tartan, bears, llamas, and elves, reports Scary Mommy. It does not end there, the most endearing thing about their new collection is how they have conceptualized the advertisements. Building upon the premise that Pajamas are for everyone, Target has featured people from around the world to spread the family feels and affection.


"You’ll love that the collection of family holiday pajamas includes pieces for adults, kids, toddlers, babies, and even pets so the entire family can match for fun holiday photos or snuggles on the couch for a holiday movie marathon," Target says on their website of the collection.


"At Target, we believe in helping families discover the joy in everyday life — and that includes bedtime. To make sure the items in our Family Pajamas Collection were fit for all families, they’ve been tested and given the stamp of approval by real Target employees and their families," it adds.


The sizes range from XS to XXL and the patterns set the festive mood right for Christmas and Halloween. To add to the cuteness quotient of the collection, the brand has also launched PJs for the furry member of your family. The oh-so-adorable PJs for your dogs will make you rush to the nearest Target outlet right away.


Not to mention, they are affordable too. The prices range from $10 to $25 which is reasonable considering the vast, diverse and festive PJ collection they boast. It would be hard to resist a goofy family photo marathon sporting the pumpkin patterned PJ for Halloween or the red Christmas-themed one.


It would not be wrong to say that the festive PJ collection of Target is their way of saying dress for the festivities but don't compromise on comfort. So, if you have decided to snuggle with your family through the winter, you can consider stepping up the fashion game by twinning in these goofy PJs and bonding over them.




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