Teacher Posted Her Salary on Facebook | Now a Stranger is Donating Classroom Supplies

Teacher Posted Her Salary on Facebook | Now a Stranger is Donating Classroom Supplies

There is no end to the work of a teacher. Thankfully, one man made this teacher's job a little easier.

Being a teacher isn't as easy as it sounds. They become the role models that your children look up to which can be a huge burden to shoulder. But most teachers love what they do and make their work seem so effortless. However, for the quality of work, effort, patience and time they put into making their students good and smart individuals, they are severely underpaid and under-resourced. 

Which is why 2nd-grade teacher Elisabeth Milich decided that the world needed to know the struggles of teachers who are trying to provide the best for their kids. And now she's thanking the man who is making it possible. In 2018, Elisabeth posted her annual teaching salary of $35,621.25 on Facebook, drawing national attention.


Whispering Wind Academy in Phoenix, the school she teaches at, is considered a Title 1 school. This means that it takes in low-income students and gets its funding from federal accounts in order to meet educational goals. Yet, the funds are not enough and the teacher has to pull it from her own pocket in order to meet her students' needs, she informed Good Morning America


"It's hard to make a decision to spend money on your home, your own kids or spend money on your school kids that desperately need the help," Elisabeth, a mom of three, said. "I feel fortunate and blessed that I'm not a single mom. I have my husband's income where I can buy [lunch] for kids that don't have lunch for field trips but as for fun stuff, I can't buy a set of 20 paints."


Considering this happened at a time when ABC News reported thousands of teachers fighting for the #RedforEd movement at the Arizona state capitol to demand a 20% pay increase and better education funding, her story went viral. 


And with so much exposure, there was one man watching who would change her life. 

A New Yorker, Ben Adam, reached out to the teacher on Facebook and asked her if she needed help in acquiring school supplies for her classroom. "I'm thinking, 'This is crazy. This is a total stranger from New York,'" Elisabeth recalled. "When school started, I started getting Amazon packages. I thought it was a one-time thing."

But it wasn't. Ben continued to send her supplies well into the second semester of school. In those packages, supplies like colored paper, books, paints, paintbrushes, snacks for the kids and more were included.


As for his motivation, Ben, a father of 3, told Good Morning America, "I'm sensitive to the people that get the short end of the stick and without complaining. Teachers work very hard and don't get much in return." His good-hearted nature doesn't end there though. He ended up adopting five more classrooms apart from Elisabeth's and even launched a website, classroomgiving.org. The website is aimed at aiding other teachers who are in need of stationery. 


The specialty of this site is that, as Ben says, unlike crowdfunding sites, teachers are able to purchase any item which will then be sent directly to them. "We are not asking for donations and we are not raising any funds," he explained. "It takes you to Amazon and you enter the classroom address into your Amazon address book. You send whatever you can afford and you know that item has gotten exactly to the person you sent it to."

Ben has a goal for his site - to go national. Already receiving requests from teachers in various sites, his idea will help a lot of teachers provide quality education to their students. 

Elisabeth, on the other hand, is ecstatic with the amount of help she has already gotten. She mentioned that she would like to meet Ben in person and give him a "big hug" for making the kids "light up" in her classroom.

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