14YO Breaks Down as Mom Arrives in School With His Dog That Went Missing | Their Reunion Shows Just How Special Their Bond Is

14YO Breaks Down as Mom Arrives in School With His Dog That Went Missing | Their Reunion Shows Just How Special Their Bond Is

The little boy had lost all hopes when finally he saw his bundle of happiness show up at his school.

The bond between a dog and a human is special for reasons that are hard to put into words. Carter, all of 14, had his heart broken when his first pet, the one he grew up with, passed away. 

Which is why he became all the more attached to Piper, also a pug, that his mom brought home on his 12th birthday. The day his mom, April Elizabeth Licata, gifted came home with Piper is one of his happiest moments, reports Little Things.


But just before Thanksgiving, the family from Byron, New York, had let Piper outside to "go potty," when he went missing, reports the Mail. Carter's sister Natalie and April frantically searched for him but he was nowhere to be found, reports the Mail. This disappointment soon started turning into hopelessness as the days passed.

Just when the family had nearly lost the last shred of hope, April received a message from a nearby animal shelter that they had found a dog that looked like Piper.

April said, "It had been a long two and a half weeks for my oldest two children, Carter and Natalie, thinking they would never see their puppy again. But then, amazingly we got a message this Monday night that a dog that looked like Piper had been picked up and taken to the animal shelter."


She added, "I was truly shocked. We had all resigned ourselves to the reality that she probably wouldn’t come back. Low and behold, it was her! Seeing her little tail wag as she came out from the back of the Genesee County Animal Shelter where she had been so well taken can of, I lost it!!"

April knew that Carter would be over the moon to finally see his dog after so many days. So she decided to surprise him by bringing Piper to his school without letting him know. What followed was a gush of pure love and joy. Both Carter and Piper were excited and emotional to see each other after so many days. Carter broke down in tears and Piper reciprocated his love with snuggles and eager jumps and licks.

She said, "Carter and Natalie were out of town for a few days with their dads family, and so I hoped to make their reunions special. She added, "This video is no doubt the embodiment of that! It’s so amazing to see the love, and honestly, the video says more than any words I could write."

"My son loves his dog so much, was sick while she was gone, and tonight she’s sleeping next to him again." She went on to say, "What a Christmas miracle for our family and thank you to everyone who helped bring Piper home."

April shared the video on Facebook and it racked 453,000 views.

Now isn't this the best Christmas gift ever?





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