Terrified 7yo Pleads Doctors Not to Cure Her as She Doesn't Want to Go Home to Parents Who Beat Her | “I Want to Die"

Terrified 7yo Pleads Doctors Not to Cure Her as She Doesn't Want to Go Home to Parents Who Beat Her | “I Want to Die"

The child had been suffering from abuse since 2019 but no action was taken to save the little one from all the trauma.

Trigger warning: This story may contain details of child abuse that could be disturbing to readers.

We have come across so many cases of children suffering at the hands of the ones who're supposed to take care of them and nurture them but the heartbreaking news doesn't seem to take a rest.

In another bone-chilling incident, a 7-year-old reportedly pleaded the doctors to let her die because she didn't want to go back to her parents. She felt it was safer to die than to go back home. The little girl was being treated for severe injuries that had been inflicted on her by her parents and uncle.

The little one, Yaz, was admitted in the Hospital de Las Margaritas, in the state of Puebla in east-central Mexico on August 21 for horrific injuries following a merciless beating. She has been in the hospital ever since in a very serious condition.


In a heartrending turn of events, Yaz asked the doctors who were treating her to stop everything because she didn't want to live anymore. "'I want to die, don't heal me anymore', she said and added 'I don't want to go back to my parents so they can keep hitting me," according to The Daily Mail.

The little one's neighbor, a good samaritan, rushed Yaz to the hospital where they found that she was covered in bruises that included internal bleeding, signs of rape, collapsed lungs, and cigarette burns. Back in 2019 as well, the innocent child was admitted to the hospital with severe signs of abuse. She not only had injuries all over the body but had signs of blunt trauma as well.

In February, May, and August of 2020 as well, Yaz was again admitted but just like the previous time, no action was taken. Recently, the poor soul was rushed to the hospital for burns so severe on her buttocks that a part of her muscle was destroyed. The doctors had to perform skin grafting on the little child.

She underwent a surgery in April for intestinal damage. In February, Yaz had been admitted for cuts on her legs and the girl's father, Rafael N, blamed her mother, Alejandra N., for harming the child, reported The Sun.


Activist Frida Guerrera who believes the mother was also a victim of the abuse, brought the case to Mayor Claudia Rivera Vivanco in order to get the 7-year-old Yaz on the municipal Development of Family Integrity (DIF) program.

After they take on the case, the custody of Yaz would also be taken by the DIF. According to The Daily Mail, they have reopened the case of Yaz's little sister who was previously believed to have died of asphyxiation.

The prosecution revealed that stating that the mother was responsible for the child's trauma, the father tried to take custody of Yaz but his request was denied. Frida confessed that initially, she believed it was Yaz's mother who was responsible for everything based on Rafael and his current partner - previously a neighbor of Alejandra's. However, now she believes that Rafael took his daughter along with him to live after he cut all ties with his wife.


When the activist interviewed the special prosecutor, she found out that Yaz had been living with her father since July 2019 after he took her away with him from her mother. Alejandra was just informed about her younger one's death after which she raised questions on the Puebla government's failed attempt at investigating the case thoroughly.

The Sun reported that both Rafael and Alejandra were detained on the charges of family violence and child abandonment on September 3, according to the Attorney General of the State Puebla. The officials are now looking for the child's uncle who has been accused of raping her. 

According to Frida, the arrests were a huge gesture to silence the critics. She said, "If the Puebla authorities had done their job since January, which was the first moment that there were indications that the girl had suffered sexual violence, the girl would not be in the hospital now, and Mitzi (her little sister) would not be dead." She added, "Of course there is institutional responsibility in this."






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