Terrified Woman Hugged a Stranger After She Noticed 3 Men Following Her | "Act Like You Know Me," She Whispered

Terrified Woman Hugged a Stranger After She Noticed 3 Men Following Her | "Act Like You Know Me," She Whispered

Dane Weeks was scrolling through his phone, unaware of the situation when the woman came and hugged him. Certainly, he was taken aback but he had the presence of mind to help her out.

Women have always been vocal about the problems that they face at every second of their lives. Whether they are out shopping for groceries or walking in an empty parking lot at night, they are always on guard as history has been a witness of the gruesome crimes committed against women.

This is the story of a woman who luckily found an angel in the form of a stranger who helped her out when she needed the most. The good samaritan took to Twitter to share his experience when a woman hugged him in a train station as she was afraid of the three men who were following her.


Dane Weeks from Newark, New Jersey, explained that he was walking in the city when a stranger, a woman he had never met or seen in his life came to him and gave him a hug. But her next move was something he had never expected. Before he could react in any way, she said something to him that he would never forget.

"I'm walking to the train a few minutes ago and a woman walked right up to me and gave me a tight hug and whispered quickly, 'Please act like you know me three guys are following me for a while,'" he wrote and continued, "I played along then walked her three blocks home. What an experience for the both of us."


He then went on to explain that the three guys had been on her trail for a while. They had been "looking at" the mother from the time she took the train till she exited the carriage. Then they proceeded to follow her for two blocks.

The woman, terrified of the situation went into a nearby store to wait in the hopes of losing the three men but in vain, they were waiting for her at a close-by pizza shop.

Giving the details, Dane wrote, "She quickly walked and was just seeing women and she didn't want to another woman in harms way. She then saw two other men but they were loud and cursing at each other." It's then that the woman noticed the man who was scrolling through his phone with a "smile on his face."



He further wrote, "That's when she knew I would welcome her. She apologized, she felt how shocked I was at her hug. I told her I thought it was a set up at first, she laughed and said 'That's the New York mentality."'

Dane, who's a counselor and a Hampton University graduate admitted that at first, he thought it was a set up. He wrote, "I'm not going to act like I didn't hesitate because we're in New York, people set you up real quick. Her hug was too real to be fake, and three men were following behind at a distance."

"As [we] walked and talked I realized she was terrified - she kept saying she had to get home to her son. After the hug she held my hand as we walked to her building. She apologized for the inconvenience, and I had to tell her it was my pleasure no inconvenience," he continued.

Dane then went on to admit the block he was standing in that day was a path he "rarely" chose to walk down. It was a debate he was watching on his phone that made him take a rest. "I guess I was meant to be there at that particular moment," he wrote and continued, "I can only imagine how she feels because this sh**' never happened to me before and I'm a little taken back."

Dane apologized to her through his post and wrote, β€œShe said, you’re feeling like this, now imagine what every girl and woman feels like. I also thank her for bringing me into the world of women.” The mother is one, on the other hand, finds Dane as her "hero." She told him, "Please accept being my hero that night, I really thought my son would’ve been motherless & my mother daughterless."


According to The Daily Mail, the Twitter thread has been shared 60,000 times with more than 382,000 likes. The thousands of comments that the post received are flooded with thank you notes for Dane as he showed true empathy and compassion to a stranger who was in need, which honestly is rare to find these days.

Dane is now a hero for many as one user wrote, "You're a hero!" and continued, "And thank God you went that way. I totally believe stuff like this happens for a reason but we often miss out on helping someone else because we talk ourselves out of it. But you didn't and who knows what would have happened if you didn't help her."


Another thanked Dane for sharing his experience as it helped his followers know what women go through every day. Another one wrote, "Thank you from all the women who have had this experience and for the men who helped. This is a more common experience than many know."

Acknowledging the views and comments that his post has got, Dane admitted that he never expected this to blow up and "touch so many people." He wrote, "This is sad, women and girls have to live in this type of fear because us men have created an environment of toxicity. I will do better."





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