Fun Test: The Celeb Grandmom You Pick Reveals What Kind of a Grandma You Are

Fun Test: The Celeb Grandmom You Pick Reveals What Kind of a Grandma You Are

When we like a person, more often than not, we see a bit of ourselves in them and that brings out how we are a person.

More often than not, there are very specific reasons for admiring the people we do. We might like their attitude, personality, presentability, etc. Also, we might find some qualities within them which we think reflects our own self. In fact, Josh Gressel Ph.D., a psychotherapist, suggests that the traits that we admire in other people are actually our own traits that get projected through our admiration for a person. "Those qualities are in you, seeking to come out, and that's why you're able to see them so clearly in another person," he wrote for Psychology Today.

It is not unknown that we absolutely love some of the veteran Hollywood stars. While some might say that they are more real than the current crop of actors, others could believe that they have the old charm and the new style which makes them the cut above of the rest. And when it comes to some of the sassy and evergreen Hollywood beauties we can't help but swoon at their every move. Here are a few Hollywood veterans who have aged like fine wine and are now proud grandmoms; but the one thing that is firmly intact is their individuality. So if you like one of them or a few of them, it might show what qualities do you have in you as a grandmother.

1. Betty White

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If you like the full-of-life Betty White it might mean that you are your grandkids' partner in crime. You not only allow them to be who they are, but you also open them up to new avenues in life and show them the world as it is. You don't stop them from creating that mess or drawing on the wall, you actually help them. This also shows that you still have that child alive inside of you and you don't want to miss reliving your childhood with your grandkids again.

2. Goldie Hawn


If you relate with the fitness-enthusiast, fun-loving, and caring Goldie Hawn, this could mean that while you want to make sure that your grandkids are protected and properly taken care of, you also want them to have an active approach towards life. Also, you don't mind getting crazy with them often. From coordinating dresses to getting your hands dirty in the mud, you like being a child. However, you want to watch over them while allowing them to freely do what they want to. Play-time for you is not only being outdoors but making sure that they get connected with their own self and identify their likes and dislikes. You are also very supportive of your grandkids and could also save them sometimes from reprimands.

3. Lady Diana

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You are probably one of the sweetest grandmoms ever if you relate to the Queen of Hearts herself. You never want your grandkids to be away from you and want to instill in them the rare qualities of humanity, patience, and politeness. You most likely tell them "love trumps hate" stories and want them to be empathetic towards everyone and not discriminate. Additionally, you also want them to be courageous and stand up for the truth in any given situation.

Not to mention, we would have loved to see Lady Di raise her grandkids and find her childhood with them again. Even though she never got to live long enough to see her grandkids, we do have an idea about the kind of grandmom she would have been. To quote Prince William, "She’d be a nightmare grandmother – absolute nightmare,” he said. “She’d love the children to bits, but she’d be an absolute nightmare. She’d come and go and she’d come in, probably at bath time, cause an amazing amount of scene, bubbles everywhere, bathwater everywhere, and then leave.”

4. Tina Turner


You are a legit boss-lady and know how to instill those qualities in your grandkids. You make them see the bright side even in glum situations and show them how to find solutions. While you are a fun grandma and let yourself go crazy with the kids, you also teach them the art of staying positive through tough times and appreciate what they have.

5. Olivia Newton-John


Like ONJ you are an inspiration! You never fail to set an example for the little ones and show them the right path. You allow them to take their own decisions, however small they may be, and face consequences. You preach, and you practice what you preach so the kids know how to be true to their word. You also don't mind giving the munchkins style and fitness tips and show them the value of a disciplined life. You can easily be a mix of all good things.

6. Whoopi Goldberg


If you relate with the outspoken and zealous great-grandma Whoopi Goldberg you are one of those grandmas who prefer becoming her grandkids' friend rather than a dull, boring elderly. You like to become one of them when around them, give each other cute nicknames and play with the kids' toys. You could go out of your way to make them feel comfortable and secure. Your motive is to make the kids feel that you are their confidante and they should not think twice before bearing their heart out to you.



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