The Happiest Couples Have These 8 Characteristics

The Happiest Couples Have These 8 Characteristics

Relationships are formed through various factors. But it is these eight that have been proven to make your relationship long-lasting and more fulfilling.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on April 27, 2021. It has since been updated.

The most fulfilling relationships are born out of mutual respect, compassion, and of course, love. However, there's more to it than just these qualities.


Being happy with your partner requires hard work on both ends. In fact, science has found that it is these eight characteristics that can enhance the bond you have with your significant other. 

1. You celebrate each other's achievements

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Being applauded for your achievements will always make you feel proud. But it gains a special meaning when it's your partner who praises your hard work. A study published in  The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that couples who celebrated each other's achievements as if it were their own were far more satisfied in their relationship.


2. You are best friends

Who doesn't love having a partner who's also a partner-in-crime? Having your significant other be the one you can laugh with, make fun memories with and just be there for you when you need it can help settle any worry or doubt that lingers in your heart. The National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a study which showed that couples who saw their partner as their best friend, especially in a marriage, led to increased levels of happiness. 

3. Your ideas of a family match each other's

For some couples, having kids makes them happy. For some other, just being a family of two can bring satisfaction. There are a few studies that claim that childless couples are the happiest while other studies found that couples with children are happier as long as the little ones don't rack up a huge bill. Either way, true happiness comes when both you and your partner are on the same page about what you consider a family.


4. You have friends who stay married

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Humans are social creatures, having a friends' circle is important to most people. And seeing their relationships work out motivates you to ensure that your own bond with your partner is strong. Brown University shared research that showed that you're 75 percent more likely to get divorced if a friend or a close relative has already done it themselves. One researcher said, "We suggest that attending to the health of one's friends' marriages might serve to support and enhance the durability of one's own relationship."

5. You fought a lot at the start but don't as much now

There is no relationship that doesn't have fights. At the start, you both might have fought like cats and dogs. But now, you both know what each one likes and that helps you find a balance. In a Florida State study, the results showed that couples who are able to be openly angry in the beginning are happier long-term. The lead researcher James McNulty said that "short-term discomfort of an angry but honest conversation" can keep your relationship healthy over a long period of time.


6. You share the household work

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It took a while, but you both managed to find a way to divide responsibilities such that there was no burden on just one person's shoulder. And you may not know it, but that is one of the reasons you've been satisfied in your relationship for so long. In a UCLA study, it was discovered that couples who agreed to share chores at home were happier. Especially, if there were defined roles.

7. You spend money in similar ways

Unsurprisingly, money plays a huge role in creating a strain between partners. However, having a partner who is just as invested in saving or spending money in a way similar to yours can actually make both of you happy, according to researchers from the University of Michigan.


8. You engage in intercourse at least once a week

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Much like money, intimacy also plays an important role in bringing you and your partner together. It is one thing that can keep the two of you engaged in each other - physically and emotionally. In fact, having intercourse once a week can do wonders for your mood, says a study done by the University of Toronto.