The Secret to Jon Bon Jovi & Wife Dorothea's 40-Year Love Story Is Something So Simple Yet So Rare | All Strong Couples Will Relate to It

The Secret to Jon Bon Jovi & Wife Dorothea's 40-Year Love Story Is Something So Simple Yet So Rare | All Strong Couples Will Relate to It

They eloped to Las Vegas in 1989 to tie the knot.

When Jon Bon Jovi and his high school sweetheart Dorothea Hurley took the decision to marry each other and grow old together in 1989, they weren't the mature folks they are now. Yet, after spending 40 years together, they seem to be more in love than they ever were and have managed to keep the spark alive marriage for 31 years.

In a recent interview with People, the couple opened up about the secret to their strong and happy marriage. Their secret is what everyone looks for in a relationship. ″Mutual respect,″ said Jon.


The singer who's new album 2020 is dropping on October 2 continued ″Having grown up together and grown together. And we really like each other. We want to hang out.″ Dorothea also chimed in and said, ″I always said I was good at spotting potential too. I have a gift."

Even though the adorable couple has been under the spotlight for many years, they have not let Hollywood or fame affect their personal lives. Jovi has always credited his wife for being there to keep him grounded but it's also their family of four kids, daughter Stephanie, 27, and sons Jesse, 25, Jacob, 18, and Romeo, 16 that reminds him what's truly important in life.

Back in 2016, Jon told Today that Dorothea was the one who kept him together through every step in his life. "She’s the glue,” he said and continued, "I’m the crazy visionary with all kinds of things flying, and the seams are all splitting. She’s the one following me with the glue and the thread and needle, keeping it all together."


The Livin' on a Prayer singer believes that Dorothea is "without a doubt" his rock. ″We work hard at it, but we enjoy each other and we never fell for the trappings of what celebrity can do," he added. Referring to how sometimes celebrities get carried away by the attention and fame that they get from others, he continued, "We've witnessed that happen over the years to people that were close to us and people that we knew from afar. It’s just what I do, it's not who I am. I write songs. I happen to be very good at performing them. That's it."

In a previous interview with People, Jon had revealed how the couple met in their hometown, New Jersey, at Sayreville War Memorial High School. They fell in love as young teens, and have never looked back since then. When the singer was at the heights of his musical career, he eloped to Las Vegas in 1989 and married Dorothea.


In 2018, he told The Mirror that not only was his mother "not impressed" but it was the whole of America. Recalling he said, “America wasn’t happy on that Monday when they found out about the wedding and a lot of people tried to ruin a beautiful thing. They tried to cheat us out of that moment." But the news and criticism did not discourage the love birds. In fact, according to Jon it "was the greatest deal I ever made.”

The couple also bonds over their love for helping those in need. In 2006, they began the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation together that helped built 500 affordable houses. They also opened two restaurants in the name of Soul Kitchen that provide hot meals to those in need. 

Jon had been actively working at the restaurant throughout the lockdown to keep the hungry tummies filled. “We have been so blessed and so lucky,” said Dorothea and continued, "To see people not be able to feed their families, it’s just not acceptable.”

Even though Jon tends to give all the credit for the good work that they've been doing to his wife, Dorothea says, ″It's a partnership." She added. ″When we see injustice or people suffering, you want to help. We're very blessed, and we have the ability to do that.″


With changing times, Jon is paving his way back to what he loves other than his family and Dorothea—his music. Expressing his joy he said, "I'm happiest if I like what I do for a living, I'm doing right by my family and I'm making the world just a little bit better."






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