Relationship Test: The Way Partners Stand Next to Each Other Can Reveal a Lot About the Relationship

Relationship Test: The Way Partners Stand Next to Each Other Can Reveal a Lot About the Relationship

Being close to your partner is a comforting feeling. But even the way you stand with him can say so much about your bond.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on June 23, 2020. It has since been updated.

We can talk a lot with our bodies. The way we sit, the way we laugh, the way we look at someone - all of it can reveal the kind of person we are. And this applies to your relationship as well. The way you sit on the couch, the way you walk with them, the way you cuddle with them - it's a gold mine of information about the kind of bond you have with your partner. Body language is just as powerful as any other verbal language. Even the way you stand with your partner can reveal a lot. 


1. Side by side not touching

Side by side not touching

If you and your partner stand next to each other but without touching, it's nothing to worry about. It's an indication that you both don't need touch to prove your love to each other. Additionally, your partner may not be the type to be openly expressive with his words or even actions but when he stands next to you, it's symbolic of the fact that he'll be right by your side through everything. And when you stand in such a manner, you might not be sharing touch, but you are certainly sharing the loving energy that brings you two together. 

2. Side by side with interlinked hands

Side by side with interlinked arms


When you link your hands with your partner, it's a sign of a passionate relationship. The fire and spark that drew both of you to each other still burns just as bright. You both love to express your love for each other, regardless of what anyone says or does. But this doesn't mean that only passion drives your relationship. There is a deep connection between the two of you. It's almost like the two of you complete each other. From going out, to making new and special memories, you like to do it all together. 

3. One arm over the shoulder and one arm around the waist

One arm over shoulder; one arm around waist

This kind of position indicates a sense of becoming one with each other but without losing your individuality. You enjoy being with him but both of you still like to spend time apart, enjoying what makes you happy. Yet, despite that distance, you know that you would fight for each other. It's both of you against the world. What seems like possessiveness to others is merely your way of saying, "if you mess with either of us, we will take you down." 


4. Holding hands while standing with little distance

Holding hands with little distance

Holding hands with your partner isn't just a sign of comfort, it's a sign of safety. He makes you feel safe even if you're not right next to him. He's showing you the stability that says he'll be there with you through thick and thin. He might not always be by your side, but you'll never have to worry about a break in your bond. This stance is also an indication that he's willing to be honest with you, good and bad. Even in an argument, he will hear you out before arguing his point. 

4. Standing with noticeable distance

Standing with noticeable distance


This stance does not bode very well for your relationship. It's a large warning sign of an emotional disconnect that is weakening the bond between the two of you. The physical distance between both of you is metaphoric for the chasm that has opened up in your relationship. You might find yourself stuck in a routine of fights and cold silences, which could make you feel like you are both strangers just living together. Yet, you know that if something happened to them, you would be the first to be by their side. 

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