Princess Diana Once Revealed What the Worst Day of Her Life Was and It Shows That She Struggled Right From Day One

Princess Diana Once Revealed What the Worst Day of Her Life Was and It Shows That She Struggled Right From Day One

Because one of the most beautiful women in the world never really received the love she deserved.

(L) Source: Getty Images Photo by John Minihan (R) Source: Getty Images Princess Diana with Camilla Parker Bowles Photo by Express Newspapers/Archive Photos

In the year 1981, Charles and Diana gave an interview shortly after their engagement was announced. The interviewer strangely asked them if they loved each other; Lady Diana said "of course!" with a slight smile, but Prince Charles had a rather off-putting answer. He said, “Whatever ‘in love’ means.”

This response would later go on to haunt Diana for a long, long time.


From the day Lady Diana was revealed to the world as the woman who will marry Prince Charles, the world had quietly started praying for their marriage to turn out to be a royal fairytale. Before long, their tale of love came to a devastating end.

Unlike most other girls who look forward to marrying someone they admire, Diana was anxious and unsure about her union with the Prince. She was lonely and felt that Charles' behavior towards her was strange. "He'd ring me up every day for a week and then he wouldn't speak to me for three weeks. Very odd," the princess said. "And the thrill when he used to ring up was so immense and intense."



Her official biographer Andrew Morton believed that Prince Charles always had his mistress Camilla in mind and he never gave Diana her true place in his life. “If I could write my own script I would have my husband go away with his woman and never come back," she later said. The day she walked down the aisle she knew that she will not have the home she wants to. She knew that her husband could never really be hers. 

“As I walked up the aisle I was looking for her,” Express quoted Princess Diana said. As she was moments away from exchanging vows, a young Diana couldn't help but think about Camilla Parker Bowles who would later prove to be her worst nightmare.



Even after her marriage, her life was no different than this. At times, Princess Diana would receive her husband's affection and other times, coldness. Talking about her marriage, the late princess knew that it was not the right decision even when she was getting married. She had later called her marriage "the worst day of my life," The Telegraph, reported.

"When I interviewed Diana for her biography, she told me about the moment she stood at the entrance of St Paul's Cathedral," said Andrew Morton, Princess Diana's official biographer. “She said she had hope brimming in her heart and as she walked down the aisle as she looked at Camilla Parker Bowles – who she knew was Prince Charles’ mistress. She hoped the relationship was over, sadly it wasn’t."


Lady Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles
Source: Getty Images | Photo by Express Newspapers/Archive Photos

Charles and Diana got married and went on to have two sons together but she never became an integral part of his life. His indifference towards her pushed their relationship to a point of no return. But she slowly started adapting to her new life, for the sake of her children. "You've got to understand that you can't do what other 26- and 27-year-olds are doing," the people's princess said. "You've been chosen to this position so you must adapt to it and stop fighting it. And I knew I could do it, if I chose a different angle," she said.

According to her brother, as reported by the BBC, her pain and suffering were one of the reasons for her to become the People's Princess. "Diana explained to me once that it was her innermost feelings of suffering that made it possible for her to connect with her constituency of the rejected."