There’s a Southern Version of Zodiac Signs and It’s Hilariously Accurate

There’s a Southern Version of Zodiac Signs and It’s Hilariously Accurate

What is your zodiac sign?

Inspired and amused by the infinite variations of Zodiac sign charts, Liz Dial, a social media specialist with a blog called It's A Southern Thing, created an illustration series to depict what all the zodiac signs would be—if only they were Southern, and trust me when I say that they're absolutely hilarious and accurate!


Dial told Bored Panda that she had been working on this idea for a while. “I’ve always thought that the “The signs as ___” are so funny, especially when someone has assigned random objects to the zodiac but they still somehow make sense and ring true for the signs. That’s what we were trying to do with this series," she explained.

"We made it relatable to our audience of mostly Southerners but also had it line up with the signs for astrology fans. We didn’t want it to be completely random, so the animals actually do have traits that are stereotypical for the signs.”


It's A Southern Thing, the blog where the posts were first shared, is a brand where people come together to tell stories and talk about various fun aspects of being from a Southern state. According to its website, "It’s a Southern Thing is a new social brand that takes a light-hearted look at southern people, places, and culture."

Dial explained further, "We talk about what it’s like to live in the South, the places we visit, the food we eat, and the music we listen to. We have a little something for everyone, and at the end of the day, we hope it makes them proud to call the South their home.”


Dial then went on to describe Southerners as a very diverse set of people, brought together by a few common traits. “It’s tough to describe what a ‘typical’ Southern person is because we’re such a diverse place,” she said.

“The old stereotypes about Southerners couldn’t be further from the truth. We don’t all look the same and (believe it or not) we don’t all talk the same, either. But one thing that brings us together is respect."


The artist then mentioned that manners are an important part of Southern culture and that they are taught good manners and a sense of kindness from a very early age. She added, "We also all suffer through the same miserable and humid summers.”

As for zodiac signs and their predictions, Dial says while there are a few people who tend to take it seriously, for other's it's more like a personality quiz. “Some people take it more seriously than others, but it’s an interesting way to look at yourself and the people in your life and everyone’s different responses to situations," she said.


"It is interesting that so many people responded to the series with comments like ‘this is so true!’ and ‘haha so me!’. That made us feel like we had done it right.”

So, what's your zodiac sign?





Cover Image Source: Facebook | It's A Southern Thing

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