These 5 Signs Show That One’s Bra Is Too Small | Here’s How to Find the Perfect Size

These 5 Signs Show That One’s Bra Is Too Small | Here’s How to Find the Perfect Size

It's very important to wear bras that are your correct size because they provide you with the support and comfort you need.

One of the most uncomfortable things on Earth has got to be bras. Perhaps that is the reason why women want to first take their bras off after stepping into the comforts of their homes. However, bras are not supposed to be so uncomfortable that one does not want to wear them. But if they are, it is probably because the bra you're wearing is of incorrect size. No matter how stylish and beautiful a bra is, if it is the wrong size, it is going to cause discomfort. While some bras are too loose and don't give you enough support, some can be too tight, thus restricting movement and causing pain. In most cases, it is the latter, because we underestimate our actual size. 

Only a few bras can give you a sense of sheer comfort and almost make it seem like you're not wearing anything. Sure, it might be hard to identify if it's big or small, but here are a few signs that can help you understand if your bra fits you incorrectly, per Healthline

1. You find yourself constantly adjusting it

If the bra you choose doesn't fit right, then you find yourself adjusting it all the time, even in public. But despite pulling and tugging at it, it doesn't seem comfortable on you. Now, if you're wearing something that's right for you, it's going to cause you no trouble at all. 

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2. You are spilling out of your cups

So, your cup size also matters, because that's what fits your breasts right. If it's too small for you, it will spill out from either the top or the sides of the cup, making it rather uncomfortable. It's as simple as trying to fit more water into a glass than it can accommodate. 

3. Your upper body hurts

Bras are like your partners, they have to be supportive and comfortable. If you and your partner have issues and don't get along, you end up fighting and hurting one another. This is the same with ill-fitting bras. They will hurt you if they don't fit you well. 

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4. Your skin is always irritated

Since your bra is too tight, it causes your skin to rub against the fabric, which then leads to your skin being irritated. When you wear a bra over irritated skin, it will only cause more pain and can even end up bleeding because of the constant friction. 

5. You can't wait to get home to take your bra off

If you're wearing a bra that fits perfectly, it's quite literally like a second skin, providing you with the support you need while not getting in the way and being too uncomfortable. But, if the bra you're wearing is of the wrong size, then it's obviously going to be irritating, and you just won't be able to wait till you get home and throw your bra in some corner of your room. 

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The best way to find out your correct bra size is to get help from an expert. They will get all the measurements required and suggest the closest size that will fit you perfectly, and finally put an end to all your woes. Most lingerie stores offer these services for free, so hit them up if you're unsure of your bra size and see the magic happen when you finally get to know your perfect size!



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