7 Traits That the Spring Season May Bring Out In You

7 Traits That the Spring Season May Bring Out In You

Some feelings just cannot be put into words and for spring lovers, it's how the season makes them feel.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 19, 2020. It has since been updated.

Spring is here. The season brings in a breath of fresh air, along with a riot of colors, sounds, and warmth. It's a chance to finally take a walk outside and enjoy the breeze that won't threaten to freeze you to the bones. Feeling the sun on your face, listening to the birds chirping, and watching the flowers bloom are moments that can rejuvenate the soul.


But not everyone feels the same way about spring. A few enjoy the chill of autumn or the snowy winters better.  Those who love spring are likely to have these seven traits.

1. You choose to remain hopeful despite the dark moments.

Just seeing the sun shining through the new, green leaves gives you a sense of hope. It's an opportunity to slow down and literally smell the roses. The new life that springs up all around helps you connect with yourself better. Despite the hardships you have faced, you are someone who chooses to trust life again.  


2. You feel delighted by the simple joys of life.

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Whether it's the tiny ladybug resting on a still leaf or the simple rustling of a hummingbird in a flower, you feel delighted. There's just something about it that is indescribable and it's an etched memory that will remind you of better times to help you during hardships. You don't care to be part of the rat race. It is the simple joys of life—like a hug from a friend or a pretty sunset—that makes you happy.

3. You understand and accept change better.

Just like spring signals rebirth and new beginnings, it's also a symbol for change. Spring reminds you that everything is transient and that you should embrace change with open arms for it can help you better understand the world around you. It also shows you that though change isn't always comfortable, it takes a strong person like you to accept it and allow it to transform you.


4. You appreciate beauty in all forms

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While for some, the vivid and bright colors can be chaotic, for you it's the opposite. Something about seeing the various spectrums of color settles a certain confusion in your soul. When everything seems disorganized, it's these colors with their perfectly imperfect order that soothes you. Much like the wonders of a wild forest, you take time to understand people in their depth and refuse to judge based on appearances alone.

5. You feel determined to take on what the world has to throw at you

If a tiny plant can break through concrete as spring takes hold, then you have the same power to break through all the barriers you face. With this season, you feel ready and reborn to handle anything the world throws at you no matter how painful it might be. After all, the calm and peace the season brings you can help you stay standing against a storm.


6. You get back stronger after a heartbreak

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A dandelion might look meek and fragile but it grew through sheer strength. And spring makes you feel like that dandelion. Even if the winds threaten to blow you asunder, you have faith that you'll come out stronger when you land on the other side. Every flower has the courage to bloom and just like that, so do you even if you have to dig a bit deep to find it.

7. You might see your mood improving with the change of seasons

During winter, you might have felt low. There is a chance you may have been suffering from a disorder called seasonal-affective disorder, also known as SAD, especially if this has happened for a few years. According to Mayo Clinic, it is a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons. Without the sunlight to provide you with enough Vitamin D, you may have felt dull and without energy. But as the sun comes out, the birds start to titter, and the flowers start to pepper the world with color, you might just see your mood brighten.


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Not everyone understands this and it's okay. You know how special the season is to you and what it does for you. 





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