8 Thoughtful Gestures by Your Partner That Say "I Love You" Better Than Gifts or Flowers

8 Thoughtful Gestures by Your Partner That Say "I Love You" Better Than Gifts or Flowers

Action speaks louder than words.

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Now that Valentine's Day is over, let's talk about the real things that go into building a strong relationship. Love isn't just about making grand gestures or sharing cute pics on social media. Strong relationships are not perfect, they are often messy and real. Yet, what keeps couples together is the effort that goes into it. So if your partner is not the kind to make loud proclamations of love, but puts you first in so many ways, then that's what matters.

Here are 8 such thoughtful signs that say "I love you" in deeper ways.

1. They do the chores with you.

Yes, sharing responsibilities is a basic task. There is nothing special about it. But if your partner understands that they are doing their share of it and not just helping you out or doing a favor, that says much about how they view you as an equal. They value your time and would rather see you spend less time stressed out and more time relaxed and happy. Taking responsibility for the small tasks says, "I value your time and contribution and I want to do as much to make this smooth and hassle-free for you."


2. They listen to you attentively.

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When they genuinely listen to you and acknowledge your emotions, they're showing you how much they love you. They laugh when you laugh, they hold you when you cry, they take pride in your achievements, and they smile at you even when you're not doing anything special. For them, you truly matter. Nothing says "I love you" more than attentive listening where they hear you with heart and soul.

3. They pamper you with massages or cuddling.

Nonsexual physical touch is as important as physical intimacy when it comes to building a relationship. So if your partner reaches out and holds your hand when you walk or gives you a foot massage after a long day, that is their special way of saying "I care for you and love being close to you." If you would love to have more such moments, ask for it. Your partner would be more than happy to give you a back rub or head massage. 


4. They respect your opinions.

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Romance isn't about roses and candlelight dinners. It is about respect. Nothing is more attractive than a person who respects you and what you stand for.

If your partner is open to hearing from you, wants to know what you think, and is willing to be challenged by any different viewpoint, then you have a winner. They love how you refuse to fit into stereotypes and instead of trying to put you in a box, they feel good to have you state your mind unapologetically. This says, "I love you for who you are and don't want you to change."

5. They let you have some alone time.

Sometimes you just need to be on your own for a while and they value your '"me-time" as important. While this might seem like a given, anyone living with a possessive or controlling person will know how hard it is to not get time for oneself. So whether it's going out to spend time with your friends or just being in your room alone unwinding with a book, if your partner respects your need for this, they are saying "I love you and support you to be your best, even if that means you need to spend time away from me." 


6. They cook special meals for you or create something for you.

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Let's admit it. Food speaks to us in ways that other things don't. And women especially enjoy hand-created gifts that require thought and effort. If your partner takes some time off to make you a meal or create something from scratch. that is their way of saying "I'm willing to put in the effort to make you smile." It doesn't matter if they are good at it, what matters is them trying.

7. They include you in their decisions.

While both of you might be independent, they make sure to take your opinions, ideas, and thoughts into account when making a decision. Though it may not always be a decision that affects you, they value what you have to say and believe that your two-cents adds value to their life. And when it comes to decisions that can impact the two of you, if they ensure that your thoughts and feelings are understood, you have a partner who truly respects you as an equal.


8. They are honest with you.

Trust is one of the most important pillars of a relationship. It takes a lot of time to build it up and just a few seconds to break it forever. So when your partner is honest with you and remains committed to deepening the bond between the two of you, they are saying "I love you" beyond words. They have made a promise to themselves that they don't want to lose the thing that matters the most to them — you. 

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