Daughter Tearfully Hugs Her Late Mom's Coat After Finding It By Chance On eBay

Daughter Tearfully Hugs Her Late Mom's Coat After Finding It By Chance On eBay

In a series of touching TikTok videos, Jasmine Louise revealed how her father gave away her mother's coat following her death.

In an emotional moment, a young woman hugged her late mother's coat after finding and it on eBay by chance. In a series of touching TikTok videos, Jasmine Louise revealed how her father gave away her mother's coat following her death. When she became aware of the sale, the TikToker did not give up, instead, she began searching for the green cord jacket in local charity shops in Bedford. But when her efforts did not bear any results, she began giving up hope of ever finding it. At this point, she was astonished to see her mom's work coat listed for sale on eBay.

Explaining how she found it, Jasmine explained that there was a splodge of paint on one of the sleeves and that she had put it there when she was little. "When your dad gave away your mum's coat and you never thought you'd see it again," she wrote on the video. Next, she uploaded a picture of the coat listing and shared, "I've always looked in charity shops wondering if I'd ever find it but was never hopeful. Today I found someone selling this. It's her size... [there is] a paint mark I made when I was a child." 


In the following video, she can be seen counting down the days before the coat arrived at her doorsteps. The final clip shows the heartbreakingly sweet moment when Jasmine was finally reunited with her mother's coat. She started by unwrapping the piece of clothing before immediately hugging it. An emotional Jasmine could be seen smelling the jacket and wearing it as tears of joy roll down her cheeks. Although her mom is no longer with her, the young girl can at least find solace in a jacket that once belonged to her.

It's evident that Jasmine was extremely close to her mother as she has been raising money for Cancer Research UK after her untimely death, reports Daily Mail. Recently she even completed a challenge to walk more than 10,000 steps every day for a month to raise made over £500 ($676.94) for the charity. Jasmine's story just goes on to show how people find different ways to deal with their grief and holding onto something that belonged to the deceased is just one of them. There are many ways to turn your late loved one's belongings into something that you can hold on to while dealing with the pain of their loss. 


One artist, Mary MacInnes, creates memory bears using the clothes of the deceased. MacInnes spends 5-6 hours planning the design as each one is different from the one she creates. Then she moves on to sewing them with love. These bears can also be customized to your liking by adding their jewelry and even ashes. If you want, a special pocket can be attached to the back where you can place special letters or mementos that is close to your heart. MacInnes, who has a fashion tech degree from the  Heriot-Watt University, charges $64 for each of her creations, with additional charges for extra customizations. 


"I made my first memory bear five years ago as a favor for a friend and was constantly asked to make more, but turned them down because I wanted to concentrate on university and a career in bridal. I gave in to requests for bears and once I uploaded photos to my page it just exploded – so at the moment I’m fully committed to making them," shared MacInnes, who was presented with the Young Entrepreneur of the Year at just 16, according to Metro.


While creating bears may seem adorable, it can be emotionally overwhelming at times. Explaining this she shared an incident about "a 37-year-old man pleading with me to make his two daughters aged 10 & 12 bears before Christmas. He insisted on paying in full and gave me £10 extra asking me to post them to his girls. It turned out he has terminal cancer and won’t see Christmas. I cried the whole time I cut out, sewed, and stuffed those two little bears," she shared. 






Cover image source: TikTok | httpjasminelouise

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