Tim Was Just 3 Years Old When He Entered Foster Care | Today He's 13 And Still Hoping To Be Someone's Son

Tim Was Just 3 Years Old When He Entered Foster Care | Today He's 13 And Still Hoping To Be Someone's Son

Tim wants to be part of a loving family, hopefully with brothers and sisters, to care about him.

Tim has been in the foster care system for ten years -- almost his entire life -- after entering the system at only three years old.

Now he's looking for a forever home. His caseworker flew him to Dallas from another part of the state so he could be featured in WFAA's Wednesday's Child segment. 



"I know I want a mom and dad at least," he shared. A picture of him when he was just 7 years old shows a playful, sweet boy with big blue eyes shining brightly through the picture.  The 13-year-old seems tired now because life hasn't been easy. He said he's unable to sleep properly and is tired of moving from one placement to another.  "Kind of like being in a prison without walls. You got runners, but then where you gonna [sic] go if you run? Absolutely nowhere but right back to where you ran from," he said.  Tim promises he's well-behaved." At home, I am an angel. Perfect," he said about his behavior at a residential treatment center for foster children. All he wants is to be loved.



Something Tim said broke our hearts. He described a future mother in the most beautiful way. All he wants is "someone that cares, who's always worried. I may seem embarrassed sometimes (by her worrying) but she'll still be wondering if I'm OK. She'll ask how my day is every time I walk through the door," he said. It reminded us how we often get annoyed with our parents for little things, but we don't realize what we take for granted. Even something as small as having them constantly checking in on us. It's just a reminder that they care about us. And those are the "little" things Tim is hoping for.  What kind of dad does he want? Someone who will be his hero by simply paying attention to him. "If I go outside, he'll go outside with me. He'll give me some normalcy." He'd love to have lots of brothers and sisters too.  "Kind of gets boring playing by yourself," he said.  "Plus, you can learn from them," he said wisely. He promises to offer his family his smile, laughter, and hope. Also, "freedom. Freedom to go out the door when I want and them not worrying about me coming back or not, because they know they can trust me," he said.


Would you like to provide Tim with a loving home and family life? Please send all approved home studies to LaQueena Warren at LaQueena.Warren@dfps.texas.gov. Please remember to include Tim's name within the subject line.  If you're not licensed, please visit adoptchildren.org to find out more information on how to become licensed to foster and/or adopt or contact LaQueena Warren at 817-304-1272.



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