To All Those Men Who Have a Good Woman in Their Life, Love Her Right or She Will Leave

To All Those Men Who Have a Good Woman in Their Life, Love Her Right or She Will Leave

Finding true love is hard and for some men, they get lucky when they find a worthy woman. But they should know that if they don't treat her the way she deserves, then they could lose the best thing in their lives.

Finding someone who understands you and loves you for all your quirks is tough. But for some men, they luck out and find a woman who slowly becomes the most important part of their lives. And to them I say, treat her right because if you don't, you'll lose her.

Treat her with respect. She's not expecting you to treat her like a fragile princess. She can take good care of herself. But what she is asking for is that you respect her opinions, boundaries, and ideas. 


Understand that she too needs time to focus on herself. No doubt she loves spending time with you and is ecstatic to try new things together but that doesn't mean that she doesn't want some alone time. She's also an individual who needs a break from everyone once in a while, so give that to her. Especially when she gets that you too need time and space for yourself.

Don't make her choose between you and her loved ones. You may hold a special place in her heart but that doesn't mean that you have the right to hijack her life. She has loved ones who have been there long before you came in and will be there even if you're not. It's obvious that those people will also hold just as special a place in her life. Making her choose will tear her apart and leave her no choice but to leave.

Let her talk about anything and everything with you. She feels comfortable with you which is why she takes the liberty to share even the smallest details in her life. She likes that you know lots about her and enjoys those inside jokes with you. But just as much as she likes telling you about her daily life, she wants to know more about yours. She wants to share in your life as much as she gives you hers.


Keep her secrets close to your heart. You make her feel safe which is why she trusts you with all her pains and insecurities. The face she shows to the outside world masks the vulnerabilities that she has but she never shows that face to you. That's because you are the one person whom she can count on to hold her up when she's feeling low or bad about herself. She believes in the fact that you will guard her secrets.

Help her achieve the dreams she's been working so hard for. Before you came along, she had dreams - big ones. Once you entered the picture, she still had them. But this time, she knows that she has you to help her when she needs it. Just as she would support your goals, she trusts that you would do the same for her. After all, she now wants you to be a part of her journey.

Don't shut her out. There are going to be times where you both fight like you're at war. Yet, she knows that she'd rather talk it out with you and resolve the hurt than let it fester. You might feel the hurt just as intensely as her and you may just want to be by yourself in order to process it. But she'd rather you tell her what you're feeling so that both of you can learn what makes each of you tick and move on. You both will come out stronger after it.


Give her a chance to heal your pain. You've probably been stuck in some toxic relationships before you met her and have a lot of baggage from it which still hurts you. She just wants to help you get rid of that baggage. She understands it well especially since she's been through the same or worse. So as happy as you make her, she wants to replace all your bad memories with good ones and make you proud and comfortable with who you are.

Let her shower her love on you. You're one of the most important people in her life so for her, you are someone who deserves her whole heart. It might seem intense at first but that's just the way she loves - with her entire soul. She knows that you love her in your own way and she just wants you to accept hers - quirks and all. 

It can be difficult to know whether you're truly with a good woman but when your heart tells you that she is, don't let her go. Just treat her right and she will be yours to grow old with.

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