Tom Hanks Once Bought Lunch For Everyone In Line At An In-N-Out Burger Drive-Thru In California

Tom Hanks Once Bought Lunch For Everyone In Line At An In-N-Out Burger Drive-Thru In California

Hanks was eating at the burger joint with his wife Rita Wilson but kindly obliged fans and took pictures with them as well.

Tom Hanks has a reputation as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. His interactions with fans and unexpecting bystanders have always been heartwarming. People who have had the opportunity to interact with him can only sing praises of the Oscar award-winning actor. Even when the pandemic struck, Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson both tested positive for the virus, and after recovering, they donated their blood to help find a vaccine at the time.

His good deeds may not always make headlines but there are times his generosity shines through and we can rest assured that Hanks is actually the nice guy we all think he is.



There are innumerable acts of generosity that the Forrest Gump actor is remembered for. The actor is known to donate his time and money to over 30 different charities. He has also carried out countless other acts of kindness. One time, in 2015, he stopped by a table of Girl Scout cookies, and not only did he buy some boxes, but he also donated an additional $20, reported The New York Times. He also offered selfies to passers-by and encouraged them to buy the cookies. Another memorable act of kindness is when Hanks turned Santa at In-N-Out and truly embodied the spirit of Christmas. 



Days before the Christmas of 2018, Hanks and Wilson were at an In-N-Out Burger in Fontana, California. He surprised the customers waiting in line by purchasing their lunch for them. Fans captured videos of him and thanked him for his treat. One person, Renee Chavez, shared a video of Hanks paying for her lunch and thanked him for it. She wished him to have a great Christmas and also recorded the actor shaking hands and wishing the people around him. He then picked his order and left in his car.


Other fans also shared pictures of him dining at the burger outlet. Meghan Pierce shared pictures of him on Instagram and said: He is such a nice guy taking pictures with everyone....he told us Merry Christmas. And I went over and talked to his wife Rita while Tom took pictures with everyone! She even told E! News that Hanks also went around and signed In-N-Out hats. "He was genuinely nice, laughing, talking with everyone and taking selfies!" she added. "He wished us a Merry Christmas on his way out." His appearance made quite the buzz at the outlet since it is not frequented by Hollywood celebrities.



The Oak Park Elementary Twitter account also shared a photo with Hanks and Wilson along with a number of fans outside the fast-food restaurant and wrote: Look who visited Fontana In N Out! Woody himself, Tom Hanks, and he bought lunch for everyone! Nice! The Fontana City government also got caught up in the hype and shared a post on their Facebook stating: Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson made a surprise stop in Fontana on Friday. Welcome to Fontana @tomhanks! Please visit us again.

Hanks' latest film, Finch, is all set for release in November. The post-apocalyptic film is directed by Miguel Sapochnik and stars Hanks as a robotics engineer and one of the few survivors of a cataclysmic solar event. the 65-year-old actor will also be a part of Wes Anderson's new untitled movie. He was spotted in his new look with freshly dyed grey hair in Chinchón, a South-Eastern Spanish town outside of Madrid, where the filming of the movie is now underway, reported the Daily Mail. Not much is known about the project, but it is understood to have a "romantic" theme. 











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