Tom Hanks Supported Rita Wilson Like a True Soulmate in Her Breast Cancer Battle | "No One Should Go Through This Alone"

Tom Hanks Supported Rita Wilson Like a True Soulmate in Her Breast Cancer Battle | "No One Should Go Through This Alone"

The iconic couple has managed to make marriage look so effortless and adorable that it could never fail to inspire you.

Don't we sometimes come across couples who tend to brush their problems aside in a bid to look like a happy couple? But that not only enhances the differences between them but also gradually ruins any possibilities of them becoming a team. It is important to work on being a happy couple rather than trying to look like the perfect one.

Hollywood's favorite sweethearts Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson could give you a lesson or two about how to go through challenges together and not stress each other out during the phase. The veteran couple has been inspiring people in and outside the industry for over three decades and today they have reached a point where being a supportive partner comes naturally to them.


Case in point, Wilson's battle with breast cancer. In 2015, Wilson was diagnosed with breast cancer but instead of slipping into a dark zone, she took it head-on and set a precedent for may women. But she admitted that fighting this battle would not have been as smooth as it was if her husband of 30 years hadn't stepped up and done what it took to support her.

In a beautiful Instagram post, the actress, singer, and mother recalled the time she was delivered the news and revealed how she dealt with it. “Four years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had so many different thoughts,” Wilson, who is now cancer-free, writes. “You’re scared, anxious, you think about your own mortality.”


“So I had a serious discussion with my husband that if anything happens, I wanted him to be super sad for a very long time, and I’d also like a party, a celebration,” she added.

Wilson also gave an important message to anyone who finds themselves stuck in the same zone and asked them to stay positive and hopeful. “When I was going through my diagnoses and surgery, the one thing I really­ wanted to tell people­ is that there are still times when you have love and you smile and you laugh,” quoted the Stylist.


She also admitted that her husband and co-star Tom Hanks worked tirelessly to keep her spirits up and not let her feel low at any point. “[Tom and I] watched movies­, we watched great documentaries­, we ate good food and we did our best to maintain­ our spirit and be thankful.”

In 2017, it was Hanks who announced that his wife is "100% cancer-free." Looking at his life-long companion he added, "You just clear the decks and you circle the wagons­ and you hunker down."

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
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"It’s not that hard to do." He added, “It’s like when there’s a big rainstorm outside, you bust out the hot cocoa and make sure everyone is comfortable.”

According to Stylist, Wilson later stressed that she would not have been able to “get it all done” without the relentless support of her husband and also said that it is very important to have a support system around you when there is a challenge staring right at you.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
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“No one should go through this alone. That not only goes for the person who is carrying it and in bed for a very long time, but there's also the people who love them,” Hanks explained to ET.

After three decades and numerous ups and downs, the Sleepless in Seattle co-stars are going strong and working every day to make their bond grow deeper. They are called a legendary couple, not for nothing.

We wish them both love and happiness forever!




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