The Toughest Day Each Zodiac Sign Might Face in 2020

The Toughest Day Each Zodiac Sign Might Face in 2020

Every day has the potential to be bad or good, what we make of it is up to us entirely. While life might throw lemons at us, learning to make lemonade with it might come handy.

Our lives are all about the good, bad, and average experiences that come our way day in, day out. Some days are better than others, while on some days we wish we never got out of the house. They make us want to find our safe space and stay there, but knowing what the worst day is in the New Year can help us navigate it better. If we can overcome our destiny at its worst, we can probably do anything we put our minds to.

Astrology is a helpful tool when figuring out which day in 2020 will come at us guns blazing and how to get past it. Here is the day that will be hardest for you in the coming year, according to your zodiac sign.

1. Aries 

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Aries individuals are known for being in a hurry at all times and running low on patience, which can put them in trouble with authority figures on February 17. If you're an Aries sign, then avoiding your boss would be a great idea that day. You might find yourself jumping from one task to the other that day and around that time in general.

2. Taurus

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If you're a Taurean, then June 5 is just not your day. You love enjoying the creature comforts and maintaining the status quo, but around the beginning of the month, you will be tested over and over again. You could also have financial issues crop up in the form of unexpected expenses, but keeping a calm attitude can help you sail through this hard time.

3. Gemini

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If you're a Gemini, then you could face problems on September 2 and in the month of September in general. You could come across hurdles in your relationship, which might seem impossible to get over, but you might find that persistence will come to your aid. While you might go through one of the worst arguments in your life with your partner, it won't be something you can't overcome.

4. Cancer

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If you're a water baby, like the crab, then December 21, 2020, could be one of the hardest days for you. You will come face to face with your weaknesses and will have to bring out your strengths to fight it. The insecurities that surround you can take a hold of you and your fight will be with yourself and nobody else. It can be a really difficult day and self-care might be the only way to help yourself then.

5. Leo 

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If you're a Leo, you're a being of passion and internal fire. You believe in your opinions and dreams and want to go full power towards them, but sometimes there's a barrier that you just don't know how to get past. You might come face to face with a situation like that on January 10 in the New Year, where you will have to face your fears. Staying true to yourself and honest to your partner might be the best way forward.

6. Virgo 

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While Virgos are good at anticipating things going badly, even they might not be prepared for how badly August 15 might go for them. They may find a lot of external problems affecting them, things that they can't have any control over, which is one of the hardest things for a Virgo. That day might turn into a day of learning how to let go and go with the flow rather than make things happen.

7. Libra

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As a Libran, maintaining peace and harmony might be the most important part of your life. You probably dislike rocking the boat and don't want others to feel bad but on November 25, you will have to do one of the hardest things in your life: confront. You might face a potentially aggravating situation where you will be forced to bring your aggressive side forward and take a stand.

8. Scorpio

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If you're a Scorpio, people are already intimidated by you because of your mysterious persona, which is why they are unlikely to understand you well. However, on July 4 things might get heated with someone who barely knows you due to communication problems. They might misunderstand you completely and accuse you of something you haven't done. You might have to take a big decision about whether you want to make the effort of explaining things to them or just move on.

9. Sagittarius

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Sagittarians are always ready for some fun and find it hard to get serious about anything, but on May 14 they will find themselves in low energy. They will be weighed down by serious issues that will need immediate attention. They might have to learn to focus on growth, self-care, and healing to get out of that funk, which is unlikely to last long once they learn to take care of themselves.

10. Capricorn

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If you're a Capricorn, you know how to take responsibility and you are always burdened by doing things for others. You take over tasks that might be meant for others even, but there are days you just feel overwhelmed. On those days you wish that there was someone with whom you can share that weight. You might feel this acutely on March 10, and you might just have to learn to delegate that day instead of taking it all on yourself.

11. Aquarius

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The water bearers are Air signs and are in pursuit of intellectual things more than an emotional connection. There might be a distance between you and even your closest people as you find it hard to open up completely. This gap might be in focus acutely on July 9 as communication breaks down between you and others. You could be able to overcome this difficult time by opening up and your relationship will get stronger for it.

12. Pisces

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January 12 will come across as a really hard day for you, dear Pisces. You are an emotional person and take it hard when someone seemingly rejects you and you might end up feeling very alone this day. While the day might seem especially hard to you and your opinions matter, it would ease your heart to look at the bright side. If you're feeling particularly alone, then remember that you are a strong woman who is independent. You would rather be alone than being in a substandard relationship.




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