Planning a Girls' Trip With Besties? Here's the Perfect Place, and It Involves Wine

Planning a Girls' Trip With Besties? Here's the Perfect Place, and It Involves Wine

The winery holiday will have you staying in campers at the edge of a pond while you sip on some delicious wine.

A family-owned and operated winery, Alta Colina, has made the perfect place for you to take a trip with your girls and enjoy a bottle of wine together. What better way to take a break from the daily stress of your life than with the women who've been with you through thick and thin and the taste of some great wine smoothly going down your throat?

Located in the hills of central California in Paso Robles, Alta Colina has provided a space with a beautiful view, the aroma of the grapes wafting through and just a sense of peace. With the owner, Bob Tillman, and his family partnering with Tinker Tin Trailer Company, they aimed to share the winery's scenic setting and make it a unique guest experience. This heavenly place is called Trailer Pond. Made up of five vintage campers set on the edge of a pond, it lies in the shadow of Alta Colina’s hilltop vineyard, according to Southern Living.


But it's not just the picturesque view that will make you want to gather your girls, pack your bags and take the first flight out there. Each thoroughly restored trailer allows for two people to sleep and is stocked with an icebox, coffeemaker, and linens. But this modernity is intertwined with a true camping style where the bathroom and shower are conveniently nearby.


There is a communal cooking area which consists of a barbecue grill, cooktop, cookware, and a large farmhouse table that seats 12. You can even have meals catered or visit any of the restaurants, grocery stores and cafes that are just a nice walk away.

As amazing as this sounds, there's more to come as well. If you love hiking, you can do it in the vineyards. You can also swim from the shaded platform which extends into the pond. On the platform itself, you can engage in a bit of sunbathing, yoga, massages, and get-togethers.


But what really ties the whole experience up and makes it an exceptional package is the wine tasting. Private tastings and wine blending classes are available for guests. Additionally, the Alta Colina tasting room is open daily, and if you book in advance, you can even taste the various wines in the numerous barrels in the wine cellar. Another experience you shouldn't miss out on is the Summit Wine Tasting wherein guides give you a private tour and views from an outdoor deck high above the vineyards.


In your downtime, you can visit the quaint downtown of Paso Robles where the art exhibitions, distilleries, breweries, olive groves, antique shops, and outdoor activities will certainly keep you occupied and make your time there worth it all. So don't miss out on this chance to enjoy some good company, good wine, and great scenery. You can check out prices, activities, and events on their official website.





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