6 Reasons a Strong Woman Is Often Mistaken as Arrogant

6 Reasons a Strong Woman Is Often Mistaken as Arrogant

A strong woman follows her heart, even if this demands that she walks her path alone. People often mistake her independence as arrogance.

A confident woman isn't always the prettiest person in the room or the most talented, but she is the one who values herself enough and knows what she is worth. People can pick her out among a crowd. Her aura emits a reassuring sense of self, which makes heads turn. She never seeks attention nor tries hard to impress others. A strong woman has the capacity to change people and situations. 

However, not everyone is capable of handling a strong woman. Quite often, her confidence and refusal to tolerate disrespect is misunderstood as arrogance. Authenticity is so rare that some people feel offended by honesty. She also doesn't need others to figure out her life as she is strong-willed. Again, even her loved ones can misunderstand her independence as being aloof or detached. 

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If you identify with these traits of a strong woman, here is how people around you might misunderstand your independence and honesty as arrogance.

1. She is focused on self-growth

While a strong woman knows her strengths, she is also very aware of her weaknesses. Being truly strong means you know your flaws and actively work towards improving yourself. She makes an effort towards growth. People often misconstrue her dedication towards improvement as self-centredness. A strong woman invests time and energy in herself, even if she is a mum. She knows that only a cup that is full can fill others. Others often see this as being selfish.

2. She doesn't believe in playing the victim 

Many of us have been through tough times after having trusted the wrong people. Strong women learn through their own experience that giving others control over themselves can lead to heartbreaks. So they are smart about who they choose to trust, and even if they do get hurt, they pick themselves up and refuse to see themselves as victims. Many view this as indifference or being cold. But in reality, a strong woman is equally vulnerable to getting hurt. They just don't wear their heart on their sleeve. 

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3. She doesn't let people step over her boundaries

Strong women are clear of their personal boundaries. Again, this is a hard-earned lesson. When someone tries to overstep their boundaries, a strong woman is not afraid to put them back in place. This often comes across as being bossy, but she often knows the price of weak boundaries. She doesn't suffer fools and doesn't allow people to take her for granted. There is no way that she will be a pushover. She is not afraid to say no to people and situations that are unhealthy for her. And she refuses to feel guilty for putting herself first. This selectiveness can often be perceived as rudeness. 

4. She is assertive and open 

She doesn't believe in hiding behind masks and tells people what she thinks. She knows how to be honest and assertive, and still get what she wants.  Most people think that is there is a certain game they have to play in life to succeed, but a strong woman doesn't conform to society. The fact that she knows who she is and remains true to herself allows her to say exactly what she thinks. She is kind and compassionate but doesn't necessarily speak softly or pick mellow words. She calls a spade a spade and people who can't handle this brutal honesty label her as stubborn or haughty. 

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5. She is open to love but enjoys being single 

Confident and strong woman learn from the past and use those lessons to tread life and love. They never close the chapter on falling in love and are open to meeting new people. However, they do not think to be single is miserable. Instead, they embrace it and wait until the right man arrives. This might make them appear standoffish and cold, but they know that they don't need to find the right man to feel complete. 

6. She has zero tolerance for drama

The biggest perk of being a strong woman is that she doesn't crave for praise from others. She refuses to get caught up in gossip or rumors. And she refuses to tolerate drama of any kind. They still look out for friends and loved ones, and even strangers in need. But they refuse to be pulled into others' drama that doesn't focus on solutions. They maintain equanimity in all situations and question themselves before confronting anyone "Is this necessary?" Those caught in pity play or blaming others will find this behavior insensitive. 

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Disclaimer: This article is based on facts collated from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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