Know Your Face Shape and Find Out What Type of Sunglasses Would Suit Each Face Shape

Know Your Face Shape and Find Out What Type of Sunglasses Would Suit Each Face Shape

If you're aware of your face shape, then picking up sunglasses is easy.

Sunglasses are one such accessory that can make you go from casual to glam in just seconds. According to Vogue, a great pair of sunglasses can not only amp up your style but can protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun as well as boost your mood.

The market right now is flooding with different kinds of sunglasses that you can choose according to your preference. But, have you come across a situation where you bought sunglasses for yourself without a trial because you absolutely loved it but then it didn't flatter you the way you imagined it would?

Well, that is because the shape of the face can also determine how a certain type of sunglasses would look on your beautiful face. The first step would be to find out what type of face shape you have. One method is to measure different areas of your face but there are easier methods as well.

All you would need is a mirror and a lip liner, eyeliner, or a sharpie.
Step 1: Now, look directly into the mirror and make sure that you're standing straight.
Step 2: Take the lip liner and start tracing your hairline, temples, and jawline in the mirror. 
Step 3: Join the dotted lines once satisfied with the tracing and voilĂ ! That's your face shape. This video might help you understand better.


Now the only thing left to learn is which type of sunglasses is made just for you. So, let's get started!

1. Round

Source: Illustration

Women with round-shaped faces have more curves and fewer edges. Their features are of a similar length and width with fuller cheeks. Sunglasses with cat-eye, oversized or rectangular frames will flatter the shape of the face.


2. Square

Source: Illustration

Square face shape has equal length and width which gives people with this face shape a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a wide jaw. There are many sunglasses frames that the ones with square face can rock but the most flattering would be the aviators, browline, and round ones. The frames of these sunglasses would help further enhance the shape of your face.


3. Diamond

Source: Illustration

The forehead and jaw are of equal width for women with this face shape. This makes their cheekbones the widest part on the face. Oversized sunglasses with oval frames or rimless aviators are your go-to as they will compliment your high cheekbones. Frames with gentle curves would also highlight your cheekbones.


4. Heart

Source: Illustration

These faces are widest at the temples and narrowest at the chins which makes the forehead and cheekbones of the women with this face shape of the equal width. This makes the jawline sharp and narrow. Cat eyes frames, browlines, and retro squares would help bring attention to the jawline and create an illusion of a longer face as the rounded edges and wide lower edges will help balance the face.


5. Rectangle

Source: Illustration

Oblong or rectangular faces look exactly how the shapes describe. Rectangular faces are narrow and long and so they have a broad forehead, cheekbones, and a wide jaw. So, it's best to avoid small frames and opt over oversized ones. Aviators and round frames would be perfect too. Vintage style frames with bold lines and sharp angles would work wonders as they will help sharpen the otherwise soft-featured face.


6. Oval

Source: Illustration

Women with oval-shaped faces are the luckiest ones as any frame would look perfect on them. The equal width of forehead and cheekbones give the face a gently rounded, evenly featured, and balanced appearance. So, you're free to experiment with everything. Go crazy!


The next time you go shopping and some cute sunglasses catch your eyes, you know what to pick for yourself.







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