5 Types of People You Could be Destined to Meet Because You Share a Cosmic Connection with Them

5 Types of People You Could be Destined to Meet Because You Share a Cosmic Connection with Them

The universe brought them to you for a reason. Everyone serves a higher purpose in your life, just as you do in theirs.

There are no coincidences in life. Everything happens for a reason, including why we meet certain people at a certain time. There is meaning and purpose behind all our encounters, whether we know it or not. There is a little bit of divine providence in all the "chance" encounters. The sad part of it is that we don't know the meaning behind it. These people might be there because we have something to learn from them or because both of us are meant to learn from each other. Sometimes, these people shake us up so that we can see the world more clearly. 

The cosmos puts those people in our path because we are just meant to meet. Here are the five people you will meet because you have a cosmic connection with them:

1. People who are here to stay

These individuals are your forever people, but they are hard to find. They will be with you through your entire journey and have your back through it all. They will become your support system. The infinite moments you share with them will become memories of a lifetime. When you talk to them, you will want to pour your heart out because you know they would understand you. When you meet that person, you will feel that it was your destiny to meet them.

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2. People who have a short but powerful connection with you

Sometimes, we meet people who are present in our lives for what will feel like only a moment but their essence remains with us forever. The impact they made on us will be lifelong. They will come as acquaintances, teachers, or even people we briefly date. You wouldn't find them to be a mainstay in your life, but what they taught you and who they are left a lasting impression. These people will be there when you truly need someone by you and would recognize your talents. 

3. People who remind you of something important

Whether they stay for a long time or a short one, these people are here to remind you something about yourself. The older you grow, you forget a lot of the things that gave you joy. These people are here to remind you of that and lot more. They bring forth deep knowledge inside of you and help you understand parts of yourself you never knew you had. Even if they leave, they will be forever in your heart because of the wisdom that they brought to your life. 

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4. People who awaken your spirit

Sometimes, you meet people who force you to reckon with the current situation so that you can move forward as a new person. They will awaken you from your complacent ways to your many talents and abilities. They are the kind of people who will force you to transform because that is necessary for you to activate parts of you that have been dormant for too long. They reignite the fire and drive inside you so that you're ready to take leaps of faith again. 

5. People who need to be shunned right off the bat

Lastly, we will meet people who are toxic to us and never meant to be part of our lives. The only thing you will learn from them is how to tell who's meant to be kept out of your life. They come into your life with negative vibes and are only likely to hurt you. They are the people who will make you feel unlike yourself because of their toxic behavior. The moment you spot that negative person, it might be wise to cut them off because they're bound to leave behind a lot of destruction in your life. 

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Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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